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New job

Hi everyone,


I've recently started 2 new jobs.

I was unemployed for about a year before the interviews for these were successful.

I also just graduated as a Registered Nurse so it's pretty clear as to where I want to go in life.

One of the jobs is a casual registered nurse position which I'm really excited to start! 

The other is also casual but in retail. I had my first shift there today and wasn't impressed. I never knew that retail was so "you are a sack of money, come spend it here so I and only I can get the rewards". It's all "me me me", I'm use to teamwork. I applied for the position because I was struggling to find a registered nursing position as not many places are willing to take on a new graduate without completing their new graduate program. I was also being pressured by my employment agency to get into any type of work. So how I saw it is that the retail position is my survival job, the nursing being my dream job.


But I'm not sure what to do now. I don't want to go back to that retail job. And if I had to choose one over the other then the nursing would be the winner by far! I didn't go to uni for 3 years to work in retail.

Re: New job

Hi @SakuraN


If you don't want to go back to the retail job then don't. Pretty simple. I assume you're not super dependant on the income since you were unemployed for a year before so you have the luxury of looking for jobs you're more interested in. If your circumstances were different, maybe you have bills to pay etc. then probably you would need to stay until you find another job you like.


Congratulations on your nursing position though! Hope you enjoy it. You could try finding another part time nursing job or maybe even an admin position in a clinic?

Re: New job

@SakuraN welcome to the forum!

Huge congratulations on graduating as a registered nurse! That's awesome !! And getting a job as an RN is an amazing achievement!! 

If your RN job is secured, and you're happy to work there - I think you could leave the retail job behind. Is there a possibility you could pick up more shifts/ hours in the Rn job? 

It would be good for you to keep some  of your time open to pick up shifts there - especially considering it is your dream job! 

Let us know how you go and what you decide to do! 



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Re: New job

I do receive parenting payment as I have a 7 year old, and we still live at home with my mum so it's not a job a need to be in when I now have the nursing position which pays a whole heap more than the retail position.

I'm just not sure how to go about leaving though. The only job I had before these two new ones was an assistant in nursing position which ended once I finished uni earlier this year. 

Re: New job



Congrats on the RN position!! I tried nursing school and didn't make it all the way through, so I know it takes guts to stick it out Smiley Tongue Heart

In terms of quitting the retail job, if it's a casual position then I believe you're legally not required to give your employer any notice etc. You could just block their number on your phone and never look back (may not be the best solution, however Smiley Tongue).

Do you have any more retail shifts lined up? You could ask to chat to the manager at the end of your shift, and explain that you've found something more suited to your qualifications. How does that sound?

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Re: New job

Thank you Smiley Happy

It was hard work but ever since I had my son 7 years ago it's all I've wanted to do, the hard work was worth it in the end


As for shifts, I don't have any more at the moment. I'm not even in their systems yet, no staff ID or anything. So it has me wondering if it would be ok to just send them a text saying I found employment in nursing so I've decided to leave to further my career in the area I studied for. Something like that? 

Re: New job

I would just send an email to your hiring manager saying you want to pull out of the job, you don't have to state a reason but you can if you wish. You should read your contract if you have signed one on whether you have to work a week or two or whatever it is. 


It's always best to do something that you enjoy and you're passionate about. Obviously sometimes we can't do achieve but that's okay as well, as long as you're working towards your goals! 

Re: New job

Hey @SakuraN,


Congrats on finishing uni! That's a great achievement! Smiley Happy

It sounds like you know what you want in life which is great! It sounds like you have reasoned this through and if you don't feel like you would be happy in the retail job then you shouldn't go back. You have another job to fall back on (and that you seem to want more). Working a job you hate sucks and you shouldn't do it if you have other options! 

Re: New job

I actually don't have the hiring managers email, I have her number though..

And as for the contract, I only has a quick chance to go through it when I signed it, I never got a copy of it..

Re: New job

If the retail job is only casual then you aren't required to give any notice if you quit. It is only permanent staff who need to give notice. Maybe just send a text saying that you don't think this job is for you and that you won't be coming back.