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Not Fitting In High School

It's so hard for me to fit in at my private Anglican school because I am the only Indian in my school and everyone else is Australian. My mum wants me to focus and study hard in this private school, any tips on how I can manage to fit in. I have been really sad about this incident a lot.

Re: Not Fitting In High School

Hey @Natasha21, I am sorry to hear that you are having this experience. What makes you feel like you don't fit in? Is there anything you have done so far to try to fit in? Have you spoken to your mum about this? It can definitely be hard to focus and do well when we have a lot of other things going on. I can only imagine how much this has impacted you. I also wanted to thank you for joining ReachOut and posting your story here, that is really brave! Heart

Re: Not Fitting In High School

I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this @Natasha21 Smiley Sad
As a mixed girl I completely understand how it can be hard to fit in that way.
Do you have anyone you can confide to about these feelings?
Would speaking to the school counsellor help at all?
What always made me feel better is that even though I was a bit different to the other kids at school, it's what also makes us special Heart
Please keep us updated,
Here for you

Re: Not Fitting In High School

I talked to my year advisor . But she really couldn’t help. When I told my
mum she said that best is to focus on your studies and become sucucessful.
I don’t know know how to react to this .

Re: Not Fitting In High School

Hi @Natasha21 Thanks for staying in touch!


It sounds like the people you have spoken to don't really understand what is going on for you. Does your school have a wellbeing/counselling team you can chat to? It is important to give it another try and see what you guys can brainstorm together. 

Do you have friends outside of school you spend time with or speak to?