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Not getting food for school or dinner from your Parent/guardian? Normal?

I'm 17 and still in high school.

About a week ago I asked what we were going to have for dinner and my mum (who was quite pissed off) and her fiance replied; 'I'm sick of you just leeching blah blah blah, if you wan't food you are going to have to provide it for yourself, blah blah blah you're 17.
"All you do is waste half of the food we cook you"

It's not like we are a poor family either. We are actually middle-upper class. I think it's some sort of protest to try and get me to do a job.
So for the last week I have been scabbing food at school for lunch and putting together food for dinner from bits and pieces.

I also get ranted at for playing video games and such and not having a social life outside of school, never doing my homework or helping out enough. 

My dad's away on holidays so he doesn't know about this.


I'm also quite skinny and self conscious about my weight and not being able to eat much really hurts when I can't really afford to be doing that.

Is this that bad? Or am I just being a wuss?

I also have to admit I feel depressed a far bit. I spend most of my time away from school at home in solitary (Pearents work late) while all the peole I know are out partiyng.

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Re: Not getting food for school or dinner from your Parent/guardian? Normal?

Hey mate,


The issue you are having with your mum and (future)stepdad just seems like a pretty normal parent/teenager argument to me. Parents are always telling their teenagers that they are too lazy and never help enough... and a lot of the time they are right.


My advice would be to approach your mum when she is in a better mood and say "Can we have a chat about the food thing?" Ask her to explain why she is frustrated with you and how she wants you to help around the house more. You might find that what she is asking for is actually pretty reasonable and easy for you to do.


In terms of the depression and not going out partying. Why is it is that you don't go out to the parties? Do you feel you won't fit in? Or do you just not like going to them? I reckon you should make a concerted effort to get out a bit more and socialise. Pushing yourself to socialise is a crucial way to beat depression.   It's hard to get the motivation at first, but once you get out there I reckon you will wonder why you haven't done it earlier. 



Re: Not getting food for school or dinner from your Parent/guardian? Normal?

hi ben

a chat with the parents when the time's right sounds like a pretty good piece of advice. trying to find out what it is they really want. whether that might be to get a casual job or just find time to help out a bit more around the house so they do feel appreciated.

i think people being skinny and self conscious about their weight and not eating enough is a far more common concern than what most people realise. as a pretty skinny person myself it's sooooo hard to put on weight even when i do try to eat a lot. and i'm not too sure what kind of resources are out there. all i try to do and what you can try as well is to eat healthy as much as possible. drinking water, eating your favourite fruits and vegetables. i like my pasta as well.

Re: Not getting food for school or dinner from your Parent/guardian? Normal?

If you don't want to get a job, maybe you can offer to help out at home more instead? It prob does cost quite a lot feeding a 17 year old guy..maybe $50-$100 a week? The guys I know eat a tonne Smiley Very Happy

They are probably just trying to make you a bit more responsible and prepare you for "the real world".

Sounds like you have a few things on your mind, like not going out and being self conscious. Have you tried chatting online to a counsellor? Like lifeline or eheadspace?

Let us know if you've had any wins you can share with us Smiley Happy