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Not sure on what to do (TW)

Hi I am a 17 year old female and recently I had my work Christmas party, it was a long night and I did drink quite a bit, during the night a coworker of mine, aged 19, who is also the bosses son, was whispering to me things like I want you so badly. Somehow we had ended up alone and he begun to force himself on me. Initially I was pushing him away, telling him to stop but eventually I just let it happen knowing itd be over sooner. Once I got away from him he continued to text and Snapchat me how badly he wanted me and how I couldn’t be a tease like that. Now I have a boyfriend who is extremely upset and is encouraging me to report him and get closure but I don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do. My mother is also a worker with me and I don’t want us to lose our jobs, he also told a bunch of workers a whole different story so I’m worried no one will believe me. However my boyfriend is persistent and believes none of my fears will come true. I don’t really believe this and I am extremely scared and stressed I don’t want to let my boyfriend down again but he doesn’t seem to understand I can’t take action and I don’t know what to do and where to start but I need help and answers because it’s killing me 

Re: Not sure on what to do

Welcome to RO @Confuser1738. It takes courage to reach out like you have, and voicing what's happened can be a big step forward in your healing and processing of such an experience. While I can understand your boyfriends insistence on reporting the incident, I think it's really important that you feel safe and supported, while you work through it; and this includes if you decide to report. This is where I feel like contacting 1800Respect will be the best next move for you, as they are a confidential information, counselling and support service that is available 24/7; and will have a much better understanding of guiding you through your options moving forward Heart 


Have you had any counselling about what's happened?