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Hey Beth,


IO think it's quite important to see a doctor to get checked out, and get proper treatment for it if the doctor thinks you need it. Could you make an appointment and take the soonest one that's available?


Though I can understand the concerns about having your licence taken away, they tend to try to let you keep it if possible, unless it's necessary for your or others' safety. They'll probably just want a doctor to check- it's what I had to do and when a GP signed off the form saying it was fine for me to drive, I was able to get my licence.


Take care.


Im glad you are going to go see a doc beth, i know it has been said but its really important.


I too get pretty bad dizzy spells (though i know the cause) and it can be really dangerous. I travel a lot alone, and the other day collapsed in the middle of the road while crossing in the city. Not good. So please make sure you can see your doc and get it sorted especailly if you drive.


Let us know how you go Smiley Happy


Hi Beth,

These dizzy spells do sound a bit worrying and it is really important that you go see a doctor as soon as possible.

If getting an appointment is a bit of an issue have you tried It's a really good site that shows you your closest G.Ps and shows available times.

Hope that helps!




It's ok now, I think it's from extremely low bsl and high bp


@Beth Taylor wrote:
It's ok now, I think it's from extremely low bsl and high bp

Thanks for letting us know how you're going. Smiley Happy


Did you see a doctor?

Have you had any more of these 'spells'?


Yeah he couldn't find anything wrong and no, no more spells as yet