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There are 14 days of school (teaching left), my final exams begin in exactly twenty days, I have 5 exams and 14 assignments to finish/work on, I have a billion other commitments that I need to give time to.






I would like to ask for advice, yes I know a youth ambassador asking for help, well we aren't perfect and just like the rest of you we have our tough times and stuggles too! So please help if you can Smiley Happy





Hey InspireAll,

Breathe. That is my first step.
You've got time before your exams.
Do you have an exam timetable yet?
If you do organise what I'm about to say in order of first exam to last, if not organise them anyway and then you can re order than afterwards.
Grab some paper, or start a new word document.
Wrist the title of one subject. Think about what you need to know for that subject, what do you know off by heart and don't really need to do much work on? Wrist that down in one colour. Now think about what you could brush up on, write that in another colour. Next write what you really need to do work on in another colour again. (Keep this same colour pattern for each subject) Also think about ways in which you can remember some of the information you need to know. Flashcards, posters, sickynotes, small bits of writting put up around the house or your room. Notifications on your phone. Try and use a variety of different ways or if you know one particular way works best for you do that.
I would go over what you've written last under each subject, what you find the most difficult. Take one concept and do something with it, be it put on flashcards, a poster, made into a song? Whatever. DO this for all the ones you need help with and see your teacher about them. ANd ones you need to brush up on continuely read over them.
I suggest doing this in small amounts. Just breifly, don't spend hours trying to do all of this in one hit, because form experience it just wastes time...
Do that with each subject.

With your assessments do the same focus on one question at a time, if it's an extended response, and you haven't started write your ideas down for the question leave and then start your writting, remember that extended response answers in assessments can be done over a period of time.

It might be helpful to make up a timetable of your day, you could go by hour and place in all your other commitments that you have and put study and assessment time on there around these. And don't forget to schedule in some relaxation.

Try not to stress too much. I know this is a stressful and I finished my yearly exams a few weeks back. I left my study until very late, so pretty much I had about 1-2 days to really study for each exam Smiley Tongue - oops. I ran over the most important bits that I knew I would be tested on and brushed up a few skills. I planned each answer before I wrote them too.

One technique my mentor told me was if you have to remember a quote or poetic techniques - for English, write them down as soon as you are allowed to write, that way they are out of your mind and you can focus more the other questions in teh exams until you need that information!

I would talk to someone about managing your time, perhaps there is a teacher or family memeber/friend who you can talk to and keep you calm and focused.Remember that no matter how good (or bad) you do in an exam the mark does not tell you how smart you are or how much you know. It only tells you how well you were able to retain information and put it together in a cohearent response under pressure in a given time on a set day. I personally think too much hype is put on exams, by ourself and by others around us!

I know I have written heaps here and I hope it helps you. Good luck and remember to take time out to relax. And remember that if you are feeling really bombarded you can always drop a few commitments for a little while, I'm sure you'd be able to do that Smiley Happy

Good luck with your exams, I look forward to hearing how you get on Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart



Bee's advice is good.

If I could only give you one piece of advice, it would be this:

Make a list. Put everything that you need to do in order of most important to least important.
Start with #1 - do as much as you can (sometimes things require someone else or have to be done on a certain day); then move on to #2.

At the end of the day, or when you get to the end, rewrite the list again with what needs to be done the next day, in order of importance.

Not only does it help you to decide what single task to focus on (multitasking is a myth!) but just creating the list helps you to change how you're thinking by focusing on an easy and slightly boring task.

Smiley Happy


There is some great ideas here and I'ts terrible that you are so overwhelmed.. You are a youth ambassador but you are also human and we all go through those times where we feel overwhelmed. 


Dont be too hard on yourself is the only advice I have. Give yourself a break to just do what you want because the happier you are the better you get things done Smiley Happy 


Take care of yourself 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**


Bee has already said this, but I REALLY don't think it gets enough attention: EXAMS(HSC, Yearlys) ARE NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!! I thought they were too- but yearlies only test you on Yr 11 work and after that, you don't need your notes as HSC only tests you on Yr 12 work...


Good luck!!











Thank you so much for stating this! Exactly what I needed after seeing my careers adviser today!


@Lex: I litterally just made a list of things I have to do tonight! Thank you! Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart



Hi InspireAll!

Wow, final exams are tough! Remind yourself that even though this is the biggest challenge you've faced it's not the be all and end all - it's just the BEGINNING of the next phase of your life, how exciting is that?! Also remember that you've come this far and survived all those exams and assignments to date, so you've got the experience to get through it again.

What helps me to deal with anxiety & nervousness is to make a plan. When I was studying I'd print out big calendars to pin to the wall and plan out all of my time until exam/assessment periods were over. Plot in time for everything and get into a bit of a routine - wake up the same time every day, block in time for study and equally as important block in time for YOU to rest and make sure your brain absorbs everything.

Good luck!!


Prioritize. Determine what needs more attention and when other things need the attention. That is how I am doing it. Getting assignments done, then exam revision then other commitments. I slide sleeping and eating in there somewhere Smiley Wink


I second the ideas here. One other thing I try to do when I have way too much work is promise myself not to think about X and Y until the end of the week. I find that gives me a bit of relief, and the job at hand seems a bit more manageable.

Breaking work down into smaller chunks also helps it feel less overwhelming. Eg focus on the chapter you need to read not the whole book.

The other thing I really like is the Pomodoro Technique. It's focusing on *one* thing only for 20 minutes. You can use a timer like these ones:

Good luck - you'll pull through Smiley Very Happy