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Online Dating

I've met this guy online and we've gone on a few dates. My parents aren't too keen on me meeting a stranger. He is the same age as me (17) born on the same day and we are actually quite compatable. How do I tell my parents that I'm dating a guy I met online? Do I just say he goes to my school? Or do I just pretend a friend introduced us? I want to see a live show with him and my brother is going to see him then. How do I tell them how we met, I don't want to say we met online because my parents will scream down my throat. I'm really scared. Do I tell them a lie first and then a bit more down the track tell my parents how we really met?


Re: Online Dating

Hi @Hicks,


Thanks for posting.


I'm glad to hear that you've found someone who's company you really enjoy Smiley Happy

You said you've gone on a few dates, how did the dates go? Do your parents know that you've already been on a few dates?


Personally, I don't think lying to your parents is a great idea because it causes secrecy and distrust which will only make your parents more protective of you in future. Do you think that being honest with them is a good idea? I understand that your worried about what they might say.


What do you think the best way to go about it is? Have you got any ideas? Do you think it could be a good idea to tell your parents that you were worried about telling them and that you hope they are accepting and encouraging of you? 


Here to help,



Re: Online Dating

My parents just found out he didn't go to my school anyway so I think it's sorted. Well kind of because my parents were scared that I met a stranger and started dating him. They want to try and stop me from seeing him now.

Re: Online Dating

Hi @Hicks!


It's really great that you've found someone you really like! However, since you both did meet online, it can be hard to explain why meeting this guy in person is a good idea. Even though you and this person really get on well, and you trust each other, your parents might not think the same way, and may be worried about your safety.


Perhaps talking to them about how to stay safe when meeting this person could help them be more understanding? You mentioned that your brother will be meeting him at a live show you both will be attending. What do your parents think of that idea?



Re: Online Dating

They don't know yet I told them I'm going with my bf from school.

Re: Online Dating

@Hicks it's great that you're taking the precaution of bringing a friend with you! However, it is probably for the best to let your parents know that you do intend on seeing this person. If your parents know that you're being cautious and not going alone, they might be more open to you meeting this person than if you go behind your back and then get caught further down the line.


Re: Online Dating

Hey @Hicks! Just wanted to check in and see how things were going with this new guy!

Re: Online Dating

Hi @Hicks

Dating and telling parents is definitely a tricky situation. 

I think being honest is the best policy though, you won't have to stress or pressure yourself to make up stories and your parents may suprise you about how understanding they can be! 
Sometimes it's hard to hear but from personal experience, they've given me invaluable advice which has helped me a lot. 
I actually have a friend who hid her boyfriend at the time from her parents for a whole year! She actually got into a lot of fights with friends because she used them as excuses i.e. telling her parents she was sleeping over at their houses etc. 
How is the situation now?