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Online activities ??

Hey Guys, 

I hope you are all doing well! I am on my second week of holidays and I still have lots of homework to do which sucks! But what sucks more is that I have not bee able to go out and do fun things as the areas around me are in lockdown (im in VIC). I was wondering if there were any online activities going on, on this website? I am not sure if it is allowed but if anyone is interested to work with me to possibly do some online activities people can join in if they are at home bored or want to talk to people outside of their home! Reply back your thoughts and if anyone would be willing to organise with me 🥺 or if its a good idea lmao. 

thankyou ! Smiley Happy

Re: Online activities ??

Hi @Starfish7!
I'm so sorry your areas are in lockdown. Smiley Sad I hope everything turns out okay for you and your family and that you guys aren't negatively affected too much.
We have some activities planned for the forums this month, which you can find on this thread. You're welcome to join in! Smiley Happy
We had a Weekly Wellbeing with some ideas about how to access online activities here.
The Games section of the forums is pretty good too. You can add in some of your ideas or reply to an existing thread. I also have a thread about relaxing browser games, and you can play some of them with other random people online or with friends.

Re: Online activities ??

Hi @Starfish7  !


As @WheresMySquishy  said we have plenty of existing forums and posts that relate to online activities and getting involved with other people.


Something else you can do during this time is also working on yourself by looking at getting into new hobbies, learning something new, and exercising. Also, try redecorating your room which was fun for me and took up some time.


Hope you are doing well and safe during these times friend !