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I describe myself as someone career ambitious especially being in Australia to complete an international education.


With ambition understand that you will meet a lot of people to the point of exhaustion. It can be overwhelming. Both in the creative world and the Business world.


It's okay not be comfortable around everyone. You have that choice. But it's important to try and be your own brand of person.


Theres something to gain from every opportunity. You need to explore your passions to create your worth for you.


I wrote this to offer someone needing a perspective to grow and pursue the things they want. Do something you want. Embrace your interest and make time to pursue them. Be there for you.


Bunny walks.




Re: Optimistic

Thank you so much for writing this @BunnyWalks!
I really related to what you wrote and it was a really nice reassurance.
I think that this will be very helpful for people here on the forums Smiley Happy

Re: Optimistic


Hi thank you for reading my TED blog.

what resonated with you ?

Re: Optimistic

Hi @BunnyWalks !
I related to the part that you wrote about it being okay not to be comfortable around everyone and it's important to be my own person.
This is important to me because I feel like sometimes I'm too much of a people pleaser or I put myself second or I silence my opinion because I want to seem agreeable.

Re: Optimistic


The way we talk via digitally somehow make us think we have an intimate connection with someone despite not ever spending time with them in an intimate setting physically. Hence leading just agreeability when we interact.

I spend loads of time around YouTubers and Instafluencers from a screen.

And that saddens me.

But We should be okay with going slowly to know someone and not treat it like a game of trivia with ourselves and other people.

Take my words with a grain of salt @missep ,

I reckon if an opinion is expressed in an impartial and respectful manner . If done carefully , an opinion can be welcomed bit in a conversation.

Remember to gauge whether that opinion is urgent.

Don't neglect to be you and be present to how you feel. It's okay.🤗

EDIT : your DP makes me think I'm talking an anime character. Haha.

Re: Optimistic

I agree with what you said about expressing your opinion in a respectful manner, I think it's so important Smiley Happy
Yes! Its important to be myself! Especially as I grow up I am starting to realise this and try to practice it.
Haha yes! That's why I picked my DP haha. It's definitely from an anime!

Re: Optimistic

It sounds like you recognise where your thoughts are. That's a good thing.


Evangelion milady ?😎

Re: Optimistic

working on it, it's definitely a journey to know myself and my thoughts Smiley Happy
haven't seen it/read it unfortunately! I've heard it's really good though

Re: Optimistic

TBH the manga was better. ROFL.

I know it from a meme. Usually not big on anime due to it's very concentrated genre of every series. Maybe in small amounts for me.

I appreciate you sharing @missep.