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Re: Our Accomplishments

@Bree-RO lol I live out in West Gippsland so a car is basically a necessity to get anywhere Smiley Tongue

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Our Accomplishments

Yeah @N1ghtW1ng, with breaks! haha each piece was 5-8 minutes and i had breaks in between but there was one 30 minute one in the middle! I definitely couldnt do it now, i worked super hard for over a year to get fit enough to do it and then i was so sick of training and eating well that i just went off the rails and ate everything and slept heaps haha




Re: Our Accomplishments

Woo for coffee places @Stealth_ninja! Smiley Very Happy Splurging is the best part of getting fit, all the hard work, then the reward! Smiley Tongue

Re: Our Accomplishments

Omg this is such a great thread @Bree-RO!



1. Moved to Sydney and got a job at RO (which is doing stuff that's important to me)

2. Learned how to manage my finances wisely instead of buying allll the things

3. learned how to cook a perfect medium-rare steak- even if I'm cheating Smiley Tongue.

Re: Our Accomplishments

@Ben-RO For a second, I though you'd said fiancees, and I was concerned Smiley Tongue

Re: Our Accomplishments

@N1ghtW1ng @Ben-RO Number 2 and 3 got jumbled up in my head, so I read "learned how to perfectly cook my fiancees" HAHAHAHAHAHA that's even more concerning Smiley Tongue

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Our Accomplishments

Such a cool thread @Bree-RO, everyone has really awesome accomplishments Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 


I the last three years I:

1. Started my bachelor of nursing

2. Explored my gender

3. Independently accessed the mental health help that I needed 



Re: Our Accomplishments

Wooo thanks for this thread @Bree-RO!


  1. Bought a car finally!!
  2. Finished all of my undergrad studies
  3. Moved out of home

Re: Our Accomplishments

Hi all, 


1. Finished high school with early entrance to my course for uni without even having an OP grade back! Smiley Happy 

2. Got my dance teachers certificate. 

3. Finally, just last week I got my first High Distinction from my overseas university unit I completed this summer. 


Congratulations to all of you for your achievements. 


Re: Our Accomplishments

Sweet thread

1. Completed cert III in community services
2. Sold some of my art
3. I'm still alive
(4. Got accepted to uni)
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