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Outside politics and Public Discourse.

So like politics and current events are important but it can be divisive and drive away friends.


I just don't want to be in a conversation that doesn't do anything for the problem. 


Mum and dad are working as public servants so it's part of their job.


Like I'm passionate about the causes but what are friendly making topics just when want a break and make good conversation with strainger I meet at social functions.



•music festivals.




Still meaningful and not divisive.

Re: Outside politics and Public Discourse.

Hey @BunnyWalks , 


It's very true that some topics can be difficult to discuss with people who have different opinions to you - and this applies more the more people care about the topic at hand! 

If you're wanting to have 'lighter' conversations, I think the suggestions you've made are great ones! 

In addition I would add: 

Food  - everyone loved food! 

Animals - pets, wild animals, experienced you've had

Travelling - places you've been to 




I think talking about your own experiences, and sharing stories, rather than sharing opinions, is often a better way of connecting with others Smiley Happy


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Re: Outside politics and Public Discourse.

I may have friends who've seen the world.

Personally I have travel extensively in SEA , JAPAN , KOREA AND TURKEY. The ringgit is a weak Currency.


EDIT : on my parents time. 


It may make the other person uncomfortable to describe their luxury as I met this one friend who actually felt guilty for being white.

These are the perks of earning in AUD which many internationals use to pay their bills instead.


I just want to be respectful and not make like we have to out debauch each other.

Re: Outside politics and Public Discourse.

@BunnyWalks very true that travelling is not something that everyone is able to do and it can become a "show off " conversation! It's very good to be mindful of that, and to always be respectful in the way we talk about our own privileges. 


Asking other people about their experiences and showing genuine interest in their life, is a good way to avoid making people feel uncomfortable. Smiley Happy





I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Outside politics and Public Discourse.

How do I show my interest ?

When they ask me back like where have you been my answer would be I can't afford to travel independently as I don't earn a wage. Staying away from Instagram help me not to compare my lifestyle.

Why don't you get a job ?

Many jobs I found required you to actually be legally Australian and fit in the company culture, usually white and I stick out like a sore thumb.

During holidays I return home and just chill around the house and do chores before the semester begins again.