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I have recently been gaining new interests like comics and DC,Marvel and Star wars films 

It is making me feel like I don't know who I am 

I am enjoying these new interests however

Can someone help me in how I feel about this  


Hey @Dyl 


Thanks for sharing your feelings. It's really great of you to reach out over something that is causing you stress. I just wanted to say that it is okay to find new interests. We as humans are changing all the time and that is okay. If you are enjoying these new hobbies then that is in fact a great thing! Perhaps try to focus on the enjoyment you get out of the hobbies, rather than worrying about it being a new interest? After all, they are some pretty cool interests Smiley Happy. Some people struggle to find hobbies and therefore struggle with feelings of boredom, so I personally think it's fantastic that you've found things you enjoy! Also, I don't think finding new interests changes you as a person. There are many things that make up a person - their history, values, outlook on life, temperament, motivation, interests, sense of humour, upbringing, and so on and so forth. I hope you don't feel invalidated by my response - what you are going through is real. Understanding our purpose and identity in life can be hard, especially while growing up. Many things can leave us questioning ourselves.

However, I hope my response helps you view this situation slightly differently, that is, more positively, as it is absolutely OK to find and enjoy new interests Smiley Happy 


Does that help? How are you feeling today? 


Hi @Dyl, how are you going today? Heart


I've been in a similar situation before. I've always found music to be something that I'm interested in and quite early on I developed a real passion for it. When I started my uni studies, I began to start losing some of the interest I had in music because I was doing it all day. I found other hobbies more interesting, and this was good because it gave my life some balance. That doesn't mean that I don't like music anymore; that's why I decided to take that career path. But it did find it challenging sometimes wondering why I appeared to lose that interest.


I hope this helps a little. Heart


Hey @Dyl, So good to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. It's totally fine and completely normal to develop new interests and drift away from other ones. I know you're really sporty and maybe these new interests are a bit different from that, but I think all of your new interests are really fun.

I get super into new interests and I think trying new things is all part of finding out who you are. Maybe you can be a person who likes DC and Marvel and Star Wars and still loves sports and all the other stuff you love. Humans are complex and we can have a bunch of different interests!
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down


@MisoBear @mrmusic @TOM-RO 

Hey guys

Thanks for your help

I have since learnt how to balance all this interests and have multiple interests in life