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Re: Parents


Yes footy makes me feel like like I have some freedom 

Re: Parents

I also feel worthless and hopeless and alone when i'm off it ot if I play badly

Re: Parents

Hey Dyl,


Footy is such a great outlet; it provides fitness and I find it stress-busting, thus it helps my mood.  I also understand feeling down when I play badly, it's very normal Smiley Happy. We all have bad games sometimes, even professionals.  However, isn't it great when we play well? Smiley Happy

Re: Parents

It's just the footy (Rugby) is my life and it sucks whenever I fail

Re: Parents

Hey @Dyl,

It is so hard when we fail at something, especially if it's something
that's really important to us. I was never really that big on sport in
school (I'm really uncoordinated haha), but I did play the violin and it
was a huge part of my life. Whenever I did a performance and it didn't go
well I would feel really bad for a while and I would want to quit. But
those failures helped me to get better and my instrument, and play better
next time. We have to remember that one failure doesn't define our whole

I know you have so much to offer. I can tell from our convos that you have
a bunch of talents and on top of that, you're a kind and caring person. I
reckon that's something to be really proud of. It's okay to feel down or
disappointed, that's what these threads are for. You are able to come on
here and talk about how you're feeling and together we can work on things.
Hope your day is going okay?
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: Parents

@MisoBear @TOM-RO 

I day is going at about 50%

I am sitting here right now in a group with someone who doesn't want to do his work

Other then that it's been ok

I am working hard at everything I do and have a very important game of Rugby League this Friday

Re: Parents

Hey, that's not too bad! I'm proud of you and I'm sure you'll do well in
your game. Just remember that you're allowed to make mistakes, we all do!
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

Re: Parents

Hey @Dyl,


Sorry you are having a hard time at home and with school stress.


How are you feeling today?


Re: Parents

@dog_lover94 @MisoBear 

Hey guys

Having a great day so far

How are you?

My Mum got me these tablets that helps with strained muscle and things like that but it also helps with stress. I have taking one today and feel so much better.




Re: Parents

I also have my math test today
So the tablets really help