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-Party Drugs -


I wanted to start a discussion about why people feel they need to do drugs! I have no personal experience with any type of party drug yet I really would like to hear people's reasons why they pop a pill when the risks are so real and familiar? Issues such as peer pressure and low self-esteem are often said to be reasons behind using. However, I am very reluctant to use these points as justification when there are so many alternative positive and productive ways of coping with problems without the overwhelming risks of using.

Drug use definitely effects more people than just the user even though it may seem like a very individual and immediate risk.

Party drugs include Ice, Ecstasy, Cocaine, etc.

The ReachOut website lists more and includes facts on each one:



Please feel free to disagree with me and share your opinions and experiences with party drugs. As I've said, I have no close experience with them [partly due to my choice of pubs over clubs Robot Happy]

Re: -Party Drugs -

Hi stripes Smiley Happy


I've never had any experience with party drugs either, but a friend of mine has used them in the past (specifically LSD). From what he's told me, his reasons for doing it were to use it as an escape from reality (because it was fun when his life wasn't going well), because he was hanging out with other people who did it, he saw it as a safer drug, it's not addictive, and because famous people were using/have used it too. 



Re: -Party Drugs -

Hey, thank you for sharing your friend's story Robot Happy
However, there are still other means of escapism which would be much more fulfilling for him/anyone..In the forum post on sleep problems someone raised the idea of meditation as a way to relax. Also, talking to a professional psychiatrist or someone else would be a better option than trying to ignore the problem through LSD.

The fact he justified using it because of his friends and celebrities shows just how much people can be influenced by others and possibly highlights that he would have found another means of coping if he had different friends.

For the time he is high maybe he feels better but when he comes down I'm not sure he will feel the same. I think that it is important to tackle the actual problems in life rather than treating the symptoms which stem from the problem.

I hope his life improves and he at least makes an attempt to face the problems and experiences the satisfaction of his success in conquering them!

Re: -Party Drugs -

Yeah, I agree that there were other options available to him, but I sort of understand that it seemed like an easy escape for him and maybe he wasn't aware of other options or was feeling like they wouldn't help. He hasn't used it in a few years now, because he's not with the same crowd of people, and because he's more interested in being healthy. I'm just glad that he managed to stay relatively safe when he was using it, and that it didn't have any lasting effect on him.

Re: -Party Drugs -

I admit the only experiences I've had with 'party drugs' involved speed (amphetamines) and it was always in a safe environment.

I've been curious about LSD but, as I've experienced with some bad weed in the past, once you start, you have to wait for it to wear off, and that waiting is a really uncomfortable experience — one that, for me personally, is among the least pleasant experiences anyone can ever have. So I've held off for now. All that said, I don't have a mental health issue (that I'm aware of) and I'm a self-aware individual with high self-esteem. Taking LSD won't put me at risk of exacerbating or avoiding a pre-existing condition.

Nonetheless, I'm not in any rush to try it. Smiley Wink