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I wanted to post about what kind of pets people have Smiley Very Happy

I had a Cavalier King Charles/ Cocker Spaniel mix called Oreo, who unfortunately isn't here anymore but she really was the loveliest dog! 


Now I have a cream-coloured Pug called Mochi who loves to cuddle! 


What about you guys?

Re: Pets!

How do you pronounce Mochi @missep? Your pets sound so cute! Smiley Happy Plus, this is an AWESOME idea for a thread. Let me regal you all with stories of my pets while I procrastinate. Smiley Tongue

We've had a Golden Retriever, a Curly Coat Retriever, a complete mix (a bit Staffy, a bit Whippet or Greyhound, maybe even a bit of Kelpie, who knows? Smiley Tongue) AND at the start of this year we got a new puppy who is a cross between our first two dogs Golden Retriever and Curly Coat Retriever. He's insane, but I love him.

We've also had four cats, but only one at a time. At the moment we have a complete nutter named Ruby. She's a sweetheart who loves cuddles in winter or when she's hungry Smiley Tongue

I've also had three birds. All budgies. Smiley Happy Jack, Tiffany and I haven't decided on another name. (He/she's a light blue-ish purple-ish budgie) I love them all.

There's also been some fish, but when we moved states, we left them behind. My sis and I had one each. My bro had almost fifteen. Smiley Tongue

Re: Pets!

Hey @N1ghtW1ng!
So Mochi is a Japanese rice snack so I think if I were to describe it, it's pronounced mo-chee. 

You've had/have so many pets! Animals become part of our families Smiley Very Happy

I loved reading about your pets! 

Smiley Happy

Re: Pets!

Crazy cat lady here, well not crazy but I love my 2 cats!

I have a 2.5 year old ginger cat called Paprika or Rikki who is mine and a 7 year old small calico cat called Madeline or Maddy who is my families but my younger sister will insist that she belongs to her. Both were adopted from the local cat shelter and help me manage my anxiety, it helps so much to know I can come home to them and they won't judge me.

I also have an evil weiro (or cockatiel) called Jaffa who knows how to make lots of noise and mess, 3 chickens (nicknamed The Raptors like in Jurassic World) and some fish.

It's can get pretty crazy at times but I love not coming home to an empty house, I honestly believe having animals can do so much for your mental health so I never plan on not having a cat.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Pets!

Omg i love pets. 

I live on a few hundred acres so i have the room for lots of pets, but my personal pets are:
Bambie-a sheep. she was an orphan and i took her in and she looked like the deer bambie... i got her the day after my b-day 
Loopy Lucy- Mini Jack Russel, shes on heat so we plan on breeding her, and i get her puppy!
Scabs- (idk how to spell it Smiley LOL) She a cow that had paralysis and i worked on her for months, and normally after a few                   days their legs would swell, or it'll be a bad case of pins and needles so they wont have working legs, but this cow was               good for months, honestly the odds were against her and idk why she didnt but she was on her death bed the poor                       thing. but then she just stood up, and was totally fine. So we kept her fr good luck. 
And we have heeps of cows, and 2 geese, sheep, a roaster. 

Re: Pets!

Pets are so great! I have a 6 year old Labrador who weighs more than me. His name is George. I call him Georgie-Porgie.

And I also have a 1 year old ginger and white cat called Ali. He's fluffy and adorable and scared of most people, including me. But he's warming up to me, which is soooo nice to see! 

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Pets!

Re: Pets!

Hi everyone, 


You all sound like you have such cute pets. 


I have two little guinea pigs called Beckett and Mackenzie, they are white all over and have patches of brown and orange around their faces. 


They are my little darlings and mean the world to my sister and me, they help me through all of my tough times with their cuddles and kisses. 


Jess. xx

Re: Pets!

I had a miniature schnauzer between the ages of 9 and 19... Her passing was devastating. I really, really love dogs and hope to have many more in my life!

Re: Pets!

So far I haved had 14 dogs and 6 cats in my life. My parents got me a dog when I was 3 months old, a beautiful labrador named Benny Boy. I am obviously an animal lover and currently own a domestic tabby named Taco Bell, because when I found her she was living with someone who never let her inside or eat proper food and she was basically an ally cat who loved salsa. I also have a beautiful Great Dane x Labrador named Sofia who loves her toy Sulley from Monsters Inc University and gives big cuddles.

So great to have a pets thread!

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