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Re: Pick Me Up Songs

@seadreamer  thanks so much for sharing this idea. Music is a great mood lifter. I am constantly listening to music, especially when I'm feeling down and I notice that my 20 minute drive on the way to work if i'm having a tough day really lifts my mood because instead of listening to sad music, music will just play and some of my fave songs of the moment will come on and I can't help but sing.


My absolute favourite artist at the moment (and maybe ever) is Dominic Fike. I really recommend everyone listens to him (especially if you like Frank Ocean, Mac Miller and those vibes but he does also have bit of pop). His first EP is called Don't Forget About Me demos and its super short but every single song is amazing! He just recently released a new album called What Could Possibly Go Wrong and I can't stop listening (its been like 3 weeks of the same album ahahha normally I get sick of the same songs after like 4 or 5 days but not this time!

Re: Pick Me Up Songs

Hey @JullyBean ! Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of artist, I totally agree with the fact that music is a great mood lifter, especially when I'm feeling down too.

For a great self confidence boosting song, I would recommend Lizzo's songs (especially one called juice)! Her song lyrics really help you to gain confidence in yourself and smile Smiley Happy

Re: Pick Me Up Songs

@Lacuna99 You can never go wrong with Lizzo's music she's incredible!


Personally I really like Katy Perry's "Smile" and "Daisies", the lyrics are quite profound given that she wrote them in the wake of her struggle with depression.


Old school Nicki Minaj is great too, especially "I'm legit"! Switches my mood so quickly!


Beyonce has been putting up some really great tracks in the "Black is King" album. Especially "Find Your Way Back", "My Power" and "Brown Skin Girl". Wheere were these songs when I was a kid??

Re: Pick Me Up Songs

I love love the song Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader! I have always loved the song but I remember a certain time in my life where I was really struggling, feeling really upset with life and I remember this song coming on while I was crying and it was the very first step to me thinking 'hang on, I can do this - let's just have fun and everything will fall into place' bit corny but everytime I hear it just makes me smile because of how much things have changed since that moment! 

Re: Pick Me Up Songs

Okay this is odd but I find Bad Day by Daniel Powter very uplifting despite the negative sounding title! This was my favourite song for years Smiley LOL Also Have It All by Jason Mraz!

Re: Pick Me Up Songs

I love this thread! Music is such a good pick-me-up for me too when I'm down!

Some of my favourite songs are;


- Confidence by Ocean Alley

- Love like that by Lauv

- Similar by Tora

- Atlantis by Seafret