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Planning for college

Hi Reachout, 


My therapist gave me a list of things to do.


Lately I've been feeling a sense of achievement from completing them.


On no. 101 of the list it says planning to go to college or University. 


I do plan on having a master's degree from abroad. It will be an arts degree.


And I do have an interest in Public Policy .


After my 2 undergraduate degrees . 


I plan to have master's degree from South Africa in the field of Public Policy.


Currently I'm looking to spend a year in the University of Pretoria or University Of KWZN.


I understand this is not an appropriate forum for professional opinion.


However, having an a well planned  trip would save me alot of trouble. 


I'd like to hear some thoughts how I can get started with planning  ? ( Call the University for a prospectus etc. )


I'm looking for someone with experience on the matter ?



Re: Planning for college

Hi @BunnyWalks !
That's awesome, it sounds like you are being really productive. Go you!
I am studying my masters now and I've always found it helpful to contact the University directly because they know their programs and everything so well.
Please keep us updated on how you go! It sounds like some exciting things in your future Smiley Happy