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Re: Positive self talk


despite how i may be feeling i always try to give others time, and listen.

i always check for  change for a busker.

i always show appreciation to people who serve me at the shops.

i love it when my courtesy and politeness is recognized.

i always send a xmas txt msg to almost everyone ive ever met and got on with.,,,,,,for real...

i love it when my brother (who has his own struggles) has a good day. (rarely)

i love it when i take a risk with a tv show or music and its awesome.

i love it when my soccer team wins....(not often this year)

it feels good when despite my own stuff i still show empathy for others....

it feels good when i can forgive anothers ignorance or bad manners. (usually) i try.

sometimes in the afternoon i just like to observe nature,birds, insects, just watch them be.

i like it that when things get really bad for me im now confident that i will reach out.







Re: Positive self talk

Amazing @ jolly roger very inspiring to read that! Also, welcome to reachout! I haven't seen you on here yet Smiley Happy

Re: Positive self talk

I've missed a few days so long post coming at you!


7. I'm supportive

8. I'm good at coming up with creative ideas

9. I work well with other people

10. I like my hair

11. I'm passionate about what I believe in

Re: Positive self talk

thank you stealth ninja. i really appreciate that.

Re: Positive self talk

2. I will always be there to support those who need it

3. I can 'bust a move' pretty well

4. I am a good cook Smiley Happy

Re: Positive self talk

7. Just because I hear voices doesn't make me crazy.
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: Positive self talk

10. No matter how bad I am feeling, I always get up to fight another day.
11. I am loved.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Positive self talk

10. i love dogs
11. I have such a special cultural background that I'm proud
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Positive self talk

12. I have interesting stories to tell

Re: Positive self talk

12 ? 

I can handle stressful situations 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//