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Pregnant and stressed to the max!!

I'm 19 and pregnant. 8w4d

My partner is 30 and has a 4 year old daughter (Lots of issues still with the ex/mother)


I have recently found out I am pregnant after being on the pill for over a year and also being told my chance of having children was pretty slim due to medical conditions.

My partner has not taken the news very well and has said "the only good thing about this is we know you can get pregnant.. even while taking the pill" 

Also living in a small country town has not made this easy as somebody that I work with has told his parents (because I brought a pregnancy test from work, and told my manager who is also pregnant) and that has caused a lot of issues to the point that they now think it's just a rumour.. which it's NOT! and that hurts a lot..


I don't know what to do or how to feel. I'm happy of course, very shocked and confused as I was taking the pill and also now extremely cranky, upset and hurt with what has been said to his parents.. and I get extremely emotional and hurt when my partner comments about things like us buying a house, travelling, his 4yr old, the fact that 'it's ruined our plans and our lives' 


I know that he wanted another child, just not right now. Not until we brought a house.. I'm just so confused and don't know how to talk to him about it because I am NOT giving up this baby!

Re: Pregnant and stressed to the max!!

Hi there @kaylaa - thank you for coming on here and sharing what's going on for you  - there's a lot going on for you,  and its important that you get some support! 
 I can't imagine all the complex things that you must be feeling and navigating at the moment - while you come to terms with the news that you are pregnant. 

Sounds like you're pretty clear on wanting to keep the baby, and while you're shocked and confused, you're also happy which is great - congratulations!  Pregnancy can be a really amazing (while also challenging) time for women. 


A few support things to consider: 

- Have you been to speak to a GP about your health, and the pregnancy? 

-Have you spoken to anyone else - your parents, friends, or other people in your life who will be nonjudgmental and supportive? It's so important that you get some support in all of this! 

-Do you think you can have a conversation with your partner about the support you need, and the pressure and confusion this is causing you? 


We have an article here on how to tell people that you're pregnant, that you might find helpful. 

There's also some great services out there you could contact - this webpage is for NSW, but there are others for different states if you're elsewhere. 


We're here to listen, let us know how you are Heart


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Re: Pregnant and stressed to the max!!

Hi @kaylaa ,
thank you for sharing!
@gina-RO brought up some very important points to consider, do you think these will be helpful for you?
please keep us updated, we're here for you Heart