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Preparing for 2020: New Years Resolutions + Things to be Grateful For

Hi guys! 


I thought I'd start a new topic since the year 2019 is now coming very quickly to an end! It's nice at the end of the year to reflect on everything that has happened. So, what are you grateful for in 2019? What are some of your New Years' Resolutions? 


I'll tag a few people to get this going Heart @Bee@Bananatime04@Tiny_leaf@Bre-RO@Tay100 

Re: Preparing for 2020: New Years Resolutions + Things to be Grateful For

Such a great thread, thank you so much for starting it! ❤

This year, I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had, particularly in volunteering both here and headspace. I got to go to Brisbane and Sydney just to learn more about mental health! That's pretty special. I guess I'm also grateful for some bad experiences I've had, in a way. My relationship breakup has let me know what red flags to look out for in the future, to value myself and to understand what I expect from others in a relationship, and it has allowed myself to travel to places (alone!) that I might not ever have seen. I'm very, very grateful that my mum has been so accepting of my coming out (especially since I was essentially forced to after the breakup) -- she even bought a rainbow flag for me this weekend! 😭❤

My resolutions next year... I'm a bit scared to make some, as I don't want to disappoint and be too harsh on myself if I don't meet my expectations, but some that come to mind are:
- Practice more self-care and self-love, and to be the best version of myself (really, the theme of all my resolutions).
- Get more active/ healthy -- go on more walks, eat better, + sign up for a gym.
- Find a good psychologist/ mental health treatment plan that works for me, and stick to it.
- Write more + spend more time on hobbies -- being less afraid of 'messing up'.
- Schedule more time to read books + watch movies.
- Watch my sleep cycle + straighten out my sleep hygiene.
- Hopefully finish my undergraduate, and get into honours!
While the new year is a good time to start on some new resolutions, it's also important to remember that if you do end up 'breaking them', you can set goals and improve yourself at any time! 😊

Re: Preparing for 2020: New Years Resolutions + Things to be Grateful For

Thank you for making this thread @ayrc_1904 such a great idea!


I've had some lovely memories this year and I had fun reflecting on them last week in our Getting Real Chat. I guess my top picks are 

- Getting to moderate and see the amazing strength and courage of users online

- Meeting new work colleagues and saying goodbye to a couple of favourite ones who moved jobs.

- Photographing a wedding for the first time!


In regards to goals, I'm totally with @Hozzles in feeling scared to make some as to not disappoint myself, or not meet my own expectations. But I do have some loose goals which are around:

- finding a more supportive work environment

- a focus on self-care, ensuring my mental health remains a priority

- starting study again and enhancing my professional skillset

- creating stronger friendships in my everyday life

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

New Years Resolutions!!!!

Hey Reach Out Fam!

I thought it would be cool to make a new years resolutions thread, so we can all see what we hope to achieve this year, and how we intend on doing so.


I'll start with what I wish to achieve:


I wish to become more fit and healthy this year, to maintain a happier healthier lifestyle. One of the ways I intend on achieving this, is by using my fitbit and fitbit app to create healthy, friendly competition with my family and friends, to keep my motivation up.


I also wish to eat more healthy, like eating less sugary foods, and only eat them once a week or on a special occasion. I can achieve this with my parents and brother, because we all have the same goals with healthy eating. I also love salads and I eat multiple salads throughout the weeks.


Can't wait to hear what everyone else has!


// You are worth Something, not Nothing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise //

Re: New Years Resolutions!!!!

Hi @xXLexi_Lou122Xx, that is such a great idea. Those sound like really constructive goals! We already have a thread for New Year Resolutions, so I have just merged your response here. I hope you don't mind Heart I also edited out some of your post to keep it in line with our guidelines. Creating New Year's resolutions can be a sensitive topic for some.

Re: New Years Resolutions!!!!

Thank you @Taylor-RO
That's cool...

Re: New Years Resolutions!!!!

[R] We didn’t do many New Year’s Resolutions. All I can remember is promising S ze can watch all of the Harry Potter movies again this year Smiley Very Happy


Seriously though, I think as a group we need to work together a bit more and make sure everyone is involved in what’s going on on the outside, and I need to get more sleep.

Re: New Years Resolutions!!!!

That's pretty cool too @SomeoneNADJS!
Even the smallest challenge for the year is okay. Smiley Happy

Re: Preparing for 2020: New Years Resolutions + Things to be Grateful For

@ayrc_1904 I love this idea! I've noticed people have mixed feelings about new year resolutions but I personally like to use this time of year to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going. My main focus for 2020 will be to establish better habits for my physical health (more exercise and eating better food more often). Reflecting on the year that has just passed, I'm feeling really grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, which includes this community Heart I learn so much from you all! 


Looking forward to the year ahead 

Re: Preparing for 2020: New Years Resolutions + Things to be Grateful For

Hey @ayrc_1904 , thanks for starting up this thread! I'm really enjoying reading about everyone's resolutions. 


I'm trying to reframe mine as 'goals', because in the past when I've made super enthusiastic and ambitious resolutions in the new year I don't keep them, and then just feel guilty about it... but I do also like the idea of reflecting on stuff I liked about last year, and looking forward to things I'd like to do more of this year. 


I'm super excited about 2020 - it's the first year in ages when I'm not doing any study, and I'm loving being able to read a lot of books "just for fun" instead of uni readings, and I want to take up a bunch of hobbies that I used to enjoy, but let slide because I was too busy with study and family stuff. 


So, for me, I want to: 


Try to start running again so that I'm fit enough to combine two things I really enjoy, bush walking and jogging, and start trail running! A cousin of mine lives in NZ now and is a massive fan of trail running, it looks like such an amazing way to clear your head and get out into nature. 


Image result for trail running


I also want to join a community band, I played saxophone for over 15 years and used to teach, and play in semi professional groups, but haven't played much in the last 9 years. I played in a group recently and remembered how much I loved it. Just need to make time to do it! 


I am really grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for such a great organisation as ReachOut and I'm super excited about the year ahead, I feel very privileged to be a part of such an incredible community. I'm also grateful for my health, and that my family friends are all safe and (mostly) healthy- it was a stressful couple of weeks for a lot of us, and it has made me really appreciate what we DO have Heart 


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