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Previous Job History

Hey Guys,

I could use you're help and thoughts. Back in 2015 i had this sweet Job Lined up with a major airline as ground crew/ Baggage handler. At the time i didn't get the job cause of the medical exam. Currently I'm not happy with my current job so i keep thinking back to the past. Since 2015 I've put on a fair bit of weight. Now i wanna work toward my goal and live this dream job but is it worth the effort and long would it take me. I'm not sure what to do HELP PLEASE Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Previous Job History

@Brendos94 i always think you should head towards your goals. if you want to wrok towards that sort of job in the furture then i say go for it. if you achieve your goal then yes it is definently worth it no matter how long it takes.
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Previous Job History

Hi @Brendos94 :^)!

As someone that's incredibly anxious all the time, I completely relate to what you've described. For me, I've managed to quell my thoughts of other possibilities by realising that what could have happened wouldn't have necessarily been better :'). 

Sometimes stupidly simple exercises, like drawing a pros and cons list, can help me figure out where my values are. But if you can still see yourself proud about pursuing your dreams 2 months, 2 years later down the line then I think you've made a great choice :^) unfortunately, dreams are often hard to achieve but the journey is often more fulfilling than the end~

Re: Previous Job History

Hi @Brendos94 !
I think that your happiness is the most important thing and if it's something you want to try going for then that's a good thing!
I always believe in following your heart and your intuition Smiley Happy
Please keep us updated on how you go!