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Re: Procrastination: Why the love/hate relationship?

@JustThatGirl wrote:

@snowflake-19 wrote:

Smiley Happy I also find that the more items you have on your to do list the more motivate you get to cross them off. Do you find that?

Yes! Absolutely. I usually write my to-do lists so they contain pretty much everything - even doing the dishes! If it's something that needs to be done it goes on the list. And then I try to prioritise them and work out what needs to be done today, what I'll try and do today, what can be left for later etc. If I see a list a page long I feel the need to start crossing things off!

Have you always done this? Do any other methods work for you?



What do you do when you relapse?

Sometimes the pull of procrastination is way too strong for me, even when I have these methods in place. Today, for example, I'm feeling flat and just want to be lazy, but I know that I need to get stuff done, but also know that if I don't do anything I'll break my good run.


What do you do when you 'relapse'? I mean a little procrastination here and there isn't too bad. But sometimes it gets too tempting.