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Re: Procrastination

Oh yes, how I love to procrastinate. I have learned a lot from my last semester. I was often up until midnight doing work (although it was usually because I didn't finish lectures until 6pm most nights!! I now get to uni at breakfast and in between all my lectures,tutes,labs I do uni work. And afterwards as well. My main focus this time around is to keep uni at uni. So when I go home I can do whatever I please.

Re: Procrastination

Oh this will be my favourite thread!


I have been on RO forums for the past hour and half and it is 5 to 1am. Still haven't done the work I am supposed to do.

I can quite confidently say I am now on forums as a form of procrastination. Ok now I've got that off my chest, I will close the window and...and do some work Smiley Sad (Hope you don't see me else where on the forums after this post)

Re: Procrastination

I find going to uni early helps as well. I'll often give myself an hour and a bit to just prep for lectures and catch up on readings and stuff. 


If I'm at home studying, watching a mini documentary or education clip motivates me to learn new things so I'll go and learn something related like my coursework for uni.

Re: Procrastination

Sometimes I find the thing that goes well with procrastination is when I am feeling low or bad about something. Negative emotions can really get in the way, it can be so distracting all work is stalled. So I guess overcoming the negative emotions is one. Talk to someone about what's going on may lessen the strong emotions. Other times knowing there isn't enough time, or it is late and not many people is available to talk, diving back into the work you meant to do can work as a distraction. Find that willpower, tell you self 'I can do this!' 

Re: Procrastination

I actually don't fight my urges to procrastinate. Reason being is that when I want to procrastinate, it just invades my mind and I can't study in the end. But I don't get many urges to do that because I frequently plan breaks for myself so my work doesn't get boring. I think the biggest helping factor in my studies is that I study throughout the whole semester and never leave anything close to the deadline.


That's what I do, but everyone's different so my advice is going to be to try out different strategies and just use the best one. More importantly, try not to stress about it: I always stressed over my exams and assignments before I realised that I've never had a late submission. As my friend says (I'm pretty sure it was ripped off), "The greatest inspiration is the deadline."


Re: Procrastination

Wow Nathan! You should do some motivational speaking on procrastination. I really feel like studying now!


You should feel great about your technique!

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