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Pronouns - what're yours?

Hey all,


I wanted to make a thread where everyone is welcome to share their pronouns if they'd like.


A bit of background on why pronouns are important:

- For some people, the set of pronouns that 'feels right' or 'fits' is the one that was assigned based on their birth sex.

- For other people, the set of pronouns that 'feels right' is something different. This might be because they're trans, non-binary, etc. Sometimes it even changes depending on how they experience their identity in the moment.

- Being called the wrong pronoun - also known as "being misgendered" - can be hard. It can feel upsetting, make a person feel left out or illegitimate... Even when it's not on purpose.

- By sharing pronouns, we can refer to each other in an informed way.


So I'd just like to start this off by saying that my pronouns are they/their/them or just use my username (Bay52VU).


Feel free to share (or not share - up to you!) your own Smiley Happy


Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Great thread @Bay52VU! It's something that gets easily overlooked, but could have a significant effect on some people if they're referred to as a pronoun that they don't identify with.


My pronouns are he/his/him Smiley Happy

Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

@Bay52VU What a brilliant thread! 


My pronouns are He/ His/ Him 



Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Yayyy a pronouns thread! Such a great idea, thanks @Bay52VU


My pronouns are they/them/theirs though I sometimes use she/her/hers as well Smiley Happy



Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Awesome initiative to start this thread @Bay52VU Smiley Happy

My pronouns are she / her / hers but have no problem with gender neutral on the forums. Smiley Happy they / them / theirs

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Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Yeah, really great that you started this @Bay52VU.

For me, I go by the pronouns she/her/hers. Smiley Happy


Edit: I would now like to go by they/them/theirs. But I will not be offended if she/her/hers is used, nor would I be offended by him/he/his.

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Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

This rules. Always keen to refer to people by their preferred pronoun.


Mine are she/her/hers

Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

this is a cool thread @Bay52VU good idea

mine are him/he/his
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Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Love this, @Bay52VU.

I go by she/her/hers, but on forums like keeping things neutral so I don't mind on here Smiley Happy
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Re: Pronouns - what're yours?

Awesome idea for a thread, @Bay52VU! Mine are she/her/hers.