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Public transport and meeting nasty people

I was traveling on a tram and knowing Melbourne it rains and it wet cold and gloomy..... I was about to board the tram waiting a bunch people validating their tickets, but as I was climbing into the tram and trying to get the validating done as quick as possible a fat lady yelled, " hurry f.... up and get the b...... Tram!"

I yelled back, "Shut up! All people have to wait, and includes you and me!!!," then after settling I n the seat she still grumbling loudly about been held up in the rain I roared back at her, "IF YOU CAN'T WAIT LIKE REST OF US, BUY A F....... CAR!!" Then Most people in the tram jumped at her and attack her yelling , "yeah you stupid (, dashed a few multi choice words) why do you buy a f..... Car???

She stomped pass me and I was glaring at her and growled, "she takes legs for granted......what is she gonna do when it packs up on her?" Two elderly lady noticed I mad, fighting mad.....the two elderly ladies said, that's right, and blurted out....."don't ask for sympathy if you get a disability too!"

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

Hey @Snuffle-nose 


It's strange how people can be in the same situation, but have completely different reactions, isn't it? I'm sorry to hear you were feeling so worked up that you felt like you needed to yell back at that lady. It can be really hard to control ourselves sometimes when we're upset - I find that using breathing relaxation is super helpful in calming me down when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Do you have any ways that you can relax when you're worked up? There's some good ideas in the ways to relax factsheet. 


Hope you're feeling a bit better tonight Smiley Happy

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

I guess Gail I am sick to death of been picked on! I have been bullied by kids all my life, adults and now total strangers who think they can take the Mickey out of me because I am shorter and smaller then them! This one disadvantage with living in Australia, some of the people think they can push you around because they are physically bigger and taller then you are!

I gave it back to her as I have had it been pushed around , I am Chinese Asian and so much shorter, the selfish brute was over 6 foot tall! I am big for Asian , but compere to the folks here......not a chance! 6 ft is very tall for a women,but Aussies are getting bigger and taller this days.

Their ego so big if they gotta pick at people who they think they intimidate. She tried me with their height and size.....she chose the worse person to pick on! Me! As I have no sense humor when pushed around or bullied, I'll cut her ego down a peg or two! Plus I will make her feel as small as a time she see me,she'll keep that great big fat trap of hers shut!!!

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

Hey snuffle-nose 


It sounds like a very difficult day and getting that treatment from someone is terrible and unfortunately that is the worst thing about public transport, it is all different personalities in one small space and it can be very confronting sometimes. I have had a few cases where I have been attacked and yelled at and as gail said, we deal with things differently. I admire how you stand up for yourself regardless of who is bigger. 


I normally just ignore and walk away, sometimes people like to get you angry to see a reaction so I just turn away and stay in my own space - deep breathing helps and I listen to music so I can distract myself. I get super annoyed when I dont have my headphones on because that means I can snap really quickly when pushed.


Do you normally do anything that calms you when you get worked up? 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people


Yes people can be very nasty the past I have tried ignoring them, walking away but it has not help. As if people are determined to pick at you they try to find no matter where you go to avoid it. If you walk away they'll come after you to pick at you or worst still try to make life differcult as they get their mates to find you! I have been thru childhood, where not one person picked at my differences buta whole gang of......every grade of picked at me at once, unbearble. It is impossible to win against a whole school of bullies against, I found the leader who spread rumors about me after school, when their so called buddies had gone home and confronted her, she tried run off but I caught her by the hair and dragged her to staff room to see the school Consellor!

She left the school after that, but the bullying was relentless after......during class and during recess . I decided to leave, just settled in new school, and found another bully! I blew at her when I could not take any more.......I was chasing threatening to make mince meat out of her. I went thru hell when in my old school and wasn't gonna take it no more, I was going make a example of how nasty I can be if pushed too far. That girl was my first example! Got expelled as the stupid teachers took sides with bully! Grrrrrrrrr! Now I am hardened after the fith school and adult gave me I will not tolerate people picking at me!!!

Now I hate people who pick those who look different, handicapped or diffrent race. I went a club, it was boy's club.......they hated girls in workshops, handicapped people and most all other race but Australians, the rotten so and so ganged me and threw me out, making rumours across the state to make sure people never let me join a another club again, gee adults behave worse the school kids as they can use their friends who are in position in power and make your life hell for you. If was'nt for mate, I wouldn't be in the place do my thing that I know iam good at. They know I am back and they hate me as thou their life depended on it!

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people


I <3 Melbourne Trams

people could do for a dose of patience these days Smiley Happy

so many people who want EVERYTHING .... NOW !

i may be associating this with something totally random but with so much at a person's fingertips on their gadgets i rkn this has made people a little less patient. so much information to be accessed all the time and STAT !

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

I wish I can more positive then are in this post, but I can't. I have patience to wait whist using public transport, but I am often target for people to pick at as I am different or more likely, these people do not like people who are odd or handicapped a way, as I wear braces on two legs, plus I am dreadful going down staircases, really thou half the process of going down has been scrubbed from head. For most people, they go up and down without thinking about it! A full step one and the next on fore step. But me I do half steps and it is awkward for me to do full steps on stairs. I have many quirks wit my body, some more obvious ie:stairs!

People take this ability for granted I am afraid to say. I get pushed shoved and called rude and racial day they will get a disability and get treated as badly as I do and expect the world owns them a living!

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

Hey Snuffle-nose


Good on you for standing up for yourself. There is too many bad behaviour that goes uncommented on public transport. It happens here in Sydney too. I am appalled that your fellow passenger had a go at you rather than gave you a hand up into the tram. 


My story:

I was on a bus once in the city and it just suddenly stalled. It was a full bus and I was running late for my appointment. The rest of the passengers waited patiently for the bus driver to start the bus again when suddenly this female passenger started swearing and complained about the length of the time the bus remained stationary. I was really impressed by what the bus driver did next. He went "Ok, this is it, you get off the bus now, I am not putting up with your abuse. And I won't start the bus till you do." She then reacted with more abuse and swear words, but she eventually got off the bus. Once she was off, another passenger was like "Good riddance." 


My story is an extreme case, but at the same time, I am appalled and disappointed that some commuters have to be so cruel and rude towards another human being. So yeah, I commend you on your bravery Snuffle-nose!

Re: Public transport and meeting nasty people

Lets face it here 7/1 people you meet will be dicks so point it out, when they hit hit back, get catty and they will leave you alone. Use your smarts to bring them back down to earth