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Question about a girl I used to like

Hey , I have a question about this girl I see at school, she and me used to have a connection, but then stuff happened. I’m too nervous to talk to her because I guess I’m scared of what she thinks of me after all the bad things that happened. (Ps I don’t like her but I used too and we used to be good friends but I just wonder what she is thinking about me sometimes.) 

Re: Question about a girl I used to like

Hey @aebarrie12  this is a great question that I think a lot of people would have gone through, so you’re definitely not alone! 


It can be really awkward when you have a connection with someone and then things go south. I know this first hand and it took me ages to get over what happened. But I think it comes down to you as a person, if you can move past the bad things that happened and want to build some sort of connection (even just as friends) with her by talking to her, there’s a chance she can too! Time is really important in these situations, feelings relating to bad situations usually diminish after time, depending on the situation of course. 


My advice would be give it a go and start a conversation with her. Try your best to put your thoughts aside of what she may think about you because sometimes we overthink in these situations. But of course only when you’re ready and comfortable, maybe try talking to her. Hope this helps!