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R U Ok day


Re: R U Ok day

…is tomorrow! Thursday 12 September.


Are you okay? Be sure to ask your friends and family members, especially those who don't always open up too often and give them plenty of time to answer one-on-one. Smiley Happy



Re: R U Ok day

Thanks for the Reminder @Lex  I think just giving people the chance to talk and be heard - no judgment all empathy will truly make someone's day. Smiley Happy 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: R U Ok day

so random !
i had no idea is was that time of the year again Smiley Happy

on my walk home from the station i go past a high school. as i was walking a lady walked past with an RUOK day bright yellow shirt

i thought that was random and heaps cool Smiley Happy

Re: R U Ok day

@fosterthepeople that is pretty random (but really awesome Smiley Very Happy)


What I love about RUOK day is how it's caught on and talked about 'normally' by everyday people, just like Daffodil Day or Jeans for Genes day. Breaking down the stigma one step at a time Smiley Happy

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