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Random Acts of Kindness!

Hello lovely ReachOut friends!


I thought I'd start a thread where we could post about random acts of kindness.


It could be something nice you did for someone, or they did for you... or even just a story about when you saw someone do something kind for another person!


Why tho? Well this morning I watched a tram driver jump out of his comfy driver chair today to help an elderly man get on the tram and it gave me a super warm buzzy feeling. Then it made me wonder about why I felt so damn good after seeing this adorable little human interaction... So I did a little research and it turns out that acts of kindness (random or otherwise) are a really amazing way to boost your wellbeing and make you feel real good. It's been proven that even just watching someone do something kind for another person makes us feel happier!


SO I WANNA HEAR YOUR KINDNESS STORIES. They can be from the past or something that happened today or even something that you plan to do for someone else in the future.





- Tram driver being super nice to elderly man and making errybody smile

- My housemate baked an apple crumble AND did my dishes for me yesterday and it made so happy I almost exploded.




Also this:


Kindness Gif





Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

Ohmygosh those duckies are the cutest thing ever.

Good idea @chelsb!


I wear these black pants to work that are always ridiculously static-ey, so I'm forever shocking everyone/thing I touch. Monday when I came into work one of the other girls had put a spray bottle of anti-static on my desk and said while they saw it while shopping on the weekend and thought of me.

Nothing major, but its nice to know someone thinks of you outside of work!


Maybe someone else has a better RAK haha


Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

I like this idea
RAK make you feel so warm inside knowing that you have just brightened someone's day

I was walking down a street when a young woman came up to me asking for donations for Lifeline. I told her that I was under 18 and couldn't donate and apologised. I said goodbye and kept walking. I finished my errand and was walking back and saw her i the same spot. I felt so bad that I couldn't donate, especially because she was so lovely and cheery. I then went into a nearby bakery and ordered a chocolate milkshake. I went up to her and said "I know I can't donate to your cause so I'll donate to you for helping the cause" and handed her the milkshake. She freaked out and couldn't believe what was happening and gave me a huge hug and was saying how much better her day now was. I still feel really good about it Smiley Tongue


Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

@Chonty  This is a perfect RAK! Simple and has immediate flow on effects for making things better.. No more electric shocks for you! + the taming of the staticy pants!


@drhalloween I love this so much, I am such a huge fan of LifeLine (as many of the ReachOut community are!) so this one hits me right in the feels. Also I cant even imagine what it must be like to be offered a milkshake so off the cuff- What a dream!




Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

The other weekend on one of the nsw train links, there was a frail old lady that got on at the same stop as me. When the attendant came around taking hot lunch orders, he offered to bring her her lunch so she didn't have to go to the buffet to pick it up. Anyway, she ordered a coffee with her meal, and I saw she was struggling to open the sachet it came in, so I stopped eating my lunch to go and open it for her. Smiley Happy It literally made my day. She was so grateful for it too.

Today on the bus on the way into town, a little boy misplaced his toy car, so I decided to help him look for it. Unfortunately we couldn't find it in the short amount of time his mother gave him to look for it. It made me cranky that she got off the bus whilst her little boy was still on it looking for his car.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

Hey  @stonepixie 


It can be something as small as opening a sachet for someone and it can totally turn your day around right?! Such a lovely, simple RAK Smiley Happy Sucks to hear the toy car search was less successful... Just helping that little boy look would have made a difference though, he would have felt like someone cared enough to help even when you could have just ignored the situation. Definitely still worthy of RAK status! Smiley Happy



Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

Hey peeps,


I don’t know if you realised this @chelsb, but there was already a thread about doing nice things for other people. But that is not what I came here to post about.


I was on the RAK website the other day looking at some of the ideas that are listed. I never realised how many of these things are already incorporated into my everyday life! There was a couple that stood out to me though. One was how being active members of a forum posting positive stuff is considered to be a RAK. So to every active member, I love your work. =D


The other was making a list of RAK’s to complete in a year. I thought that was a pretty neat idea. So here is my list, I’ll probably add to it as the year progresses.


Random Act of Kindness



Purchase a coffee for a random stranger




Pay it forward at my favourite cupcake shop




During summer, give a bus driver a cold bottle of water




Donate my time to more than one NPO



Done! And loving it! Cat Very Happy


Thank everyone that has helped me in my road to recovery




Invite the back neighbours over for dinner one night




Donate the bras I’ve been hoarding that are too small for me to charity




Make a little package of essentials and give it to a homeless person.




Every time I receive exceptional service, let management know



On going


Support the farmers by purchasing from the markets or independent fruit and vege shops which buy direct from the markets.



On going


Confidence sticky notes*



On going


Leave small change in vending machines every now and again



On going


* Leave sticky notes with inspirational messages or compliments on them in random places, such as a grocery store shelf, the mirror in a public bathroom, or on a car's windshield.


I hope other people are inspired by my ideas. Smiley Happy

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

Aieee, just sharing those duckies was a RAK, @chelsb ! I smiled so much! Smiley Happy

I think it's more manners than making an extra effort, but I try to always thank the driver when I get off a tram (or bus). I also try to be nice to the check out operators when I go to the supermarket, because I was a checkout operator and I know how much of a difference it can make to your day when someone is nice to you.

I was at my graduation recently and I saw some other graduates trying to take a selfie of themselves with an iPad, and having a tough time doing it, so I offered to take it for them. I like doing little things like that. Smiley Happy





Re: Random Acts of Kindness!

@stonepixie That is such good stuff thank you so much for sharing! I am going to make one up for myself Smiley Happy And that other thread is so good too, so much kindness love on the ReachOut forums Smiley Very Happy


And @blithe  im totally with you on it being the little things that count... I was a dollar short for a coffee yesterday and the beautiful guy at the cafe told me not to worry about it and then took a dollar out of his tip jar to pay for my coffee! My kindness buzz lasted alllllll day.


Heres another gif that made me smile.


Re: Random Acts of Kindness!


When one does good; one would feel good as an result. Hence do what makes you feel good, not things that make you feel sad or guilty. Seek good and be good.

Chelsb, you are honestly an awesome person! Nothing more can be valuable than encouraging someone to do charitable acts. You are officially my idol! Thank you for putting up this trend, it is so influential and valuable for this forum.  

Here’s a list of things that I felt good doing;

-       Smiling very nicely at a disabled parent at school; fortunately she gave me a nice smile back – it legit felt so good.

-       Letting anyone borrow my stuff e.g. laptop, pens etc.

-       Helping a friend when emotionally down or generally concerned

-       Donating money for the maintenance of a Buddhist temple

-       Giving a Buddhist philosophy book to a school staff member’s mother who tried to commit suicide because of the constant medicine she has to take. Fortunately, she got the book with her when she went on vacation and thanked me.

-       Giving a Buddhist book to a friend, a cousin and a Buddhist monk

-       Giving “Five Precepts” mini posters to my siblings; it was pretty much a poster on how to be good

-       Giving my friends food when they don’t have any – done this a lot!

-       Giving birds who come to my house food – they love grapes legit!

-       Giving doggy bones to homeless dogs in Srilanka

-       Giving food to dogs and cats in general

-       Giving a piece of a sandwich to a cute small dog that was homeless near the bus stop! It nearly got hit by the cars and looked so scared! Its tail was down obviously! Once it spotted the piece of sandwich I gave it, it ate quickly looking so eager

-       Giving a guy in my grade tacos and apparently he was so hungry that day and since that day, he treats me nice