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Random Ideas's

I just came back from Masters Home Improvenment - I notice that the waredrobes pieces were onsale - 30% off - i thought  to myself - should i update my funiture in my room? then the idea got blocked by me wanting to spend money on a new computer/gaming machine for my room? - I ended up buying a new light fitting and a retro light blub instead but ........ have a feeling should i update my funiture or spend $2000 on a new computer with the bells and whistls . 


I don't have that many friends and don't go out - should i go play games online instead?


let me know your thoughts?

Re: Random Ideas's

Hey @Marcus29, welcome to ReachOut! Did you end up deciding whether to go with the computer or a bedroom makeover?

Re: Random Ideas's

Nah not yet - Haven't decided - when i do the figures i don't know if it worth it

Re: Random Ideas's

Hey @Marcus29, I am wondering how you went with your decision! Sorry to hear that you don't have many friends.. do you make friends on the internet? My gaming PC is broken and I often have to choose between adult life and buying a new one. I try to weigh up what matters most to me and usually I do a pros and cons list. Could that be useful for you?

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Re: Random Ideas's

Hey @Marcus29 interesting question!


It seemed to me that when you got into Masters you all of a sudden wanted to improve your room - so like an impulse buy situation (which you didn't succumb to so well done).


But updating your tech is something you've had your mind on for a while and I know that can cost serious cash. 


I'd go with whichever option will make you happier because you can always plan and save for the runner up down the track! 


Let us know what you decide to do....