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Reflecting on the positives

Not sure if this has been done before or not but here we go.


Sometimes it's nice to reflect on positives of the past few months and what has happened.


So I want you guys to look back onto the past few months and look at all the positives that you've done or that has happened to you.


I'll get us started

Past three months

  • Started boxing
  • Lost 22 kg - Still losing more
  • Confronted deep personal issues
  • Increased my confidence through the roof - Running for school captain, plus more
  • Repaired an old friendship - Now stronger then ever
  • Dealing with my depression - Getting help from a health professional
  • Met an amazing girl, created an amazing friendship - Unfortunately not speaking at the moment because of last point
  • Went to my first Sci-fi/anime convention - Found many other people with similar pop-culture interests
  • Working at developing my game for Monash Games Boot Camp IT comp - A lot of fun
  • Made more friends

Wow, for three months that's a lot. It's amazing how much can happen in a short time and it's a great sense of achievement being able to list them.


Now over to you guys, what are some positives that have happened to you over the past? (Doesn't matter about time frame)


Re: Reflecting on the positives

Great post Smiley Happy and wow 22kgs AMAZING - you have done so much and there is so much to be proud of Smiley Happy 


Well for me in the past year:

- Started volunteering at Lifeline 

- Getting fit and healthy 

- Have lost all my toxic friends (which means peace for me)

- Become quite a good manager, more confident in my skills

- Got a car and taking care of myself and not relying on anyone 

- My relationship has gotten stronger with family, and boyfriend 

- Most importantly my relationship with God is stronger 


Smiley Happy

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Reflecting on the positives

1. Talking to Mum more

2. Incrporated 'me time' into my life

3. Have learnt that teachers aren't out to get me and will help if I ask

4. I'm getting stronger as the years pass 

5. I'm standing up for myself



Re: Reflecting on the positives

1. found a job
2. been saving up lots
3. uni is much more interesting
4. keeping in contact with family more
5. becoming more assertive
6. moving into a stable home

Re: Reflecting on the positives

Wow! You guys sound like you have so much positives to reflect upon!


You all should be very proud of what you've accomplished! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Reflecting on the positives

1. Have managed to get myself back into school (after basically dropping out due to MH issues)

2. Been getting professional help for my anxiety & depression - and have gone from being suicidal to actually enjoying things in my life

3. Realized that my friends & family really do love me

4. Have developed a much stronger sense of self, working out what my values and beliefs are

5. Getting stronger every day Smiley Happy

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Reflecting on the positives

Sounds like we have a bit in common, I think I know some of your pain

Re: Reflecting on the positives

Great start Tempus. Sounds like you have done exceptionally well!

Ruenhonx - that's really awesome, how has the voluntary work been with lifeline?

Shadow - That me time really works a charm doesn't it.

Forsterthepeople - Good work on the job. I know how hard it can be to find one. It's always such a struggle for me.

Lokifish - that's really great that you're finally starting to feel better about everything. Keep on at it, you're doing great.

- Finished my first placement, so now I know that I can actually do what I'm doing.
- Survived being back at home with my family for the last 5 weeks
- Learning to let situations wash over me, without letting it affect me too much.

Re: Reflecting on the positives

- I learnt to save money, and developed a love for travelling with the money I've managed to save.

- I've somehow managed to surround myself with amazing people, who love and support me through everything.

- I've managed to (almost) finish my degree, despite bumps along the way & some time off due to health issues.

- I've been almost four years recovered from a major health issue, with no massive relapses Smiley Happy

- I've finally learnt to recognise and respect my needs, and put them first in my life.

- I've started to build more positive relationships with some family members that didn't used to exist.

- Have learnt to manage my depression and anxiety, and ask for more support when I need it, and I've finally started to ask for help/work on PTSD.

- Learning to put things in perspective and to step back and take time out when I need to.

- I've got an amazing job which I enjoy and look forward to going to, and a few volunteering positions which help me feel like I'm contributing to the world at the same time as offering benefits for my own growth.


Re: Reflecting on the positives

@sagira.. I'm also working at not letting things affect me too much Smiley Happy hard but rewarding work

I love volunteering at Lifeline its so amazing and you learn so much, I'm really grateful to be working there Smiley Happy
**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**