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Relationship Advice

Well, not so much "advice". More, I want everyone to help me compile a list of ways to cope when things in relationships get tough. As in, like, break ups, or arguments, or just not getting to see each other for a while. So what I'm wondering, is:

-Ways that those who read this can get through a tough time in a positive way, both on their own, and with their partner (So, things they can do to keep their spirits up and things they and their partner can do)

-Music; most people listen to music, and it can be good for relaxation. So maybe some good songs that you like that help you feel happy, or that help you feel connected with your loved one. So for me, for example, there is a song by my and my partner's favourite band that we listen to when we miss each other.

-Movies! A brilliant way to pass the time so all of a sudden, you can see your partner. Suggestions are appreciated Smiley Happy


Working together as a group, we can all help each other to get through times like these where we have relationship issues. And who knows, maybe someone elses idea will come to be the way that works best for you!

Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship Advice

Getting together with other friends to hang out or do something fun (or something boring like doing homework together) can help keep your mind off things and keep up your friend/support network.

Re: Relationship Advice

I like to read through old letters and texts we've sent each other in the past. It's been a while since I did this, but I know she does it too Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship Advice

I find that spending time with other people helps a lot - whether it's more of a distraction or whether you talk about your issues with them. Often other people who aren't in your situation can give you a better perspective or can offer some helpful advice for your particular situation. Friends are also great for cheering you up and getting you to focus on other things.

Re: Relationship Advice

+1 for spending time with people. Friends are your best tool for dealing with missing someone.

Personal passion projects are good too: something like drawing, or crafting, or making, or building, or writing - if it's something you're passionate about doing, you find the problem isn't about forgetting the person you miss, the problem is forgetting what time it is!