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Re: Relationship

@ayrc_1904 Hey Smiley Happy


I am doing okay! I hope you are well also!!

The other advice from the others has been really helpful and it has been good to know people have been through similar situations, obviously the situations aren't good but it is nice knowing people understand. 


Yeah exactly and that is something I need to work on with my emotions, It definitely out of my control at the moment but I can't let it take over my day and ruin it. That is so true, I just got back from a full day at uni but I am now treating myself and going to watch my favorite TV show which will be nice!


100% and it is the downs in a relationship that helps us learn and build the relationship. Exactly right and that is how the conversation with him went when I saw him on the weekend to discuss, so I definitely think that is a good start. The break has definitely been a learning curve and I have learned a lot which is good!!


Thank you so much, my gut feeling is saying it will be good so I am going to try and stick with my gut to get me through this week till I can see him again.


Thank you so much Heart


Re: Relationship

Hi @beachlover567! Welcome to the forums!
That's so sad that your ex broke up with you. Smiley Sad I would feel confused too, especially if it came out of the blue. If I were in your shoes, I would feel so devastated and wondering what went wrong.
I really admire you and him for wanting to stay friends and discuss whether to give your relationship another go. I think you've shown a lot of insight in what you'd like to work on in the future if you decide to try again with him. It's great that you were able to treat yourself to some self-care! Smiley Happy
I really hope that you and him are able to work something out, and whatever happens is for the best. I don't really have any advice but I hope everything goes well.

Re: Relationship

Hi @WheresMySquishy, thank you! I am so glad I found these forums!


yeah, it has been really tough. I was lucky enough to speak to him and he very much admitted he didn't communicate with me properly and this is why for me it came as a shock as I had no idea it was coming. The reason for the break up is something that can definitely be worked on. 


It's nice we are on good terms, not sure if we are friends but we are able to talk which is good but not atm because he wants space. Hopefully, this weekend brings some more answers for me and the outcome etc. 


Thank you so much for your kind words Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship

Hi @beachlover567,

I'm really sorry to hear about your breakup - it's always hard to deal with such an intense change, particularly if it feels without warning. I hope you've had some time to rest, reflect and process your emotions. I think that your dedication to communicating actively with him and talk through everything is so admirable — the world needs more good communicators like yourself!

If you do decide to give it another go then I'm sure that will be great, however a breakup also provides a great opportunity for positive change - such as making new friends or spending more time focusing on something you're passionate about. So, regardless of what happens, I feel confident that it will turn out well for you.

All the bestSmiley Happy

Re: Relationship

Hi @Mayour,


Thank you for writing back to me. It's okay, these things happen. I'm trying so hard to rest but it has been really difficult which uni etc, it is all getting a bit too much. Thank you, that means a lot. 


I think so too and yeah that is very true. I have been around my friends a bit and they are checking in on me which is really nice. 


I really hope it turns out well.


Thanks again Smiley Happy

Re: Relationship

@wanderingwasp @Bingo1234 @ayrc_1904 @WheresMySquishy @Mayour 




Hi! He contacted me yesterday to check in to see how I am doing, I was really grateful he did as I didn't expect to hear from him till the day he wanted to see me. We spoke most of the day and spoke about us, and other stuff not relating to us. Although the chat was really good I am still so confused. He still isn't sure what he wants and I am so scared I'm going to be led on (he wouldn't do it intentionally).


My gut is saying it will be okay but the uncertainty is still making me really uneasy. The conversation ended last night, he is busy with assignments at the moment so I don't think I will hear from him till Saturday, which is okay.


He is concerned if we get back together things will go back to how they were. I told him I wouldn't bother trying to fight for us if I wasn't going to try.


It is so hard fighting for someone you love and not knowing if they are willing to fight back.


I am in the middle of trying to book a counseling session, hopefully for today to get another perspective 



Re: Relationship

Hey @beachlover567 

The waiting is super tough- I know exactly how you feel. Are you keeping yourself busy in the meantime? That’s great that you booked into a counselling session. I think it will be really beneficial to talk it all through and hopefully get some good advice too. 

Re: Relationship

Good to know you're having open communication - and I'm sure the counselling session will be helpful also Smiley Happy Perhaps if you're still confused after talking to him for a long time, you could ask him to send you a description of his feelings in writing? I hope that the waiting isn't too tough on you!

Re: Relationship

Hey @Bingo1234 


It is super tough. I've had a lot of uni assignments due so they have kept me busy. Yeah it definitely will be, I had a triage session on Wednesday and I have a proper session this coming Tuesday, I think it will be really good for me 

Re: Relationship

Hey @Mayour 

I'm definitely really glad there is open communication, I believe it has really helped. I definitely think the counseling session will be good for me. That is a good idea, I am seeing him soon to discuss, I will definitely keep that in mind. It has been tough, it honeslty feels like im a rollercoaster.