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Resilience and the Age of just rapid news.

Hi everyone, 


In the age of rapid bad news and for times when things do not go our way for example if I did a bad job on a particular project or I'd see a friend going through something uneventful.


Even there is constant doubt falling on me as a young person in the professional world or just mean comments.


People are going to cut you down but only I hold the permission for something to hurt me.


And we may witness social meltdowns, feel hurt , confusion or feel not enough to deserve something.


I'm not religious by any means but how can I personally be nuturing to myself during  difficult times to keep running the life I have to fulfill for ourselves (big and small) ?


Seeing a motivational video online does not do it for me. 


When I'm like 40 or 50 , I would like to be in a relationship, ideally, where there is mutual affection, respect ,care and concern for each other . I do have responsibility for that in the long run.


Right now it's just me and Im okay with that.


Not necessarily romantic but the keeness to be in each others lives.


To list self nuturing thoughts :


• Asking for help is important and you deserve it when you can't understand everything or aren't just very sure.


•Mistakes will happen but you are allowed to go through them to learn something important.


•It's okay to not know your entire self right now.Be open to learn about you.


• You can have fun when it's the appropriate time. When you do have fun , be there and keep safe.


•Small wins are important too. 


What are your self nuturing mantras/ thoughts  ?


I'll see them in the replies.