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STEM careers?

So I trained as a nurse and everyone thought I'd love it...but unfortunately I've realised it isn't for me. 


I'd really like to move into a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) job but I don't really know what kind of jobs are available for someone without a science degree (nursing is kind of related though) or what kinds of study I could do.

I'm especially interested in biology and chemistry!! 


Any RO peeps working or planning to work in stem fields? 

Re: STEM careers?

Heya @DruidChild 


Ooo a career change, how exciting! It's great to hear you are making positive changes to your career even after you studied as a nurse. And bio and chem are very intriguing, you are right!


You could maybe engage in a short course to get a foundational knowledge, and then look at further study? Or even volunteer to get some exposure? Are there resources at your old uni?

For example, I never did psych in VCE but now I'm looking at post-grad study in psych. I discovered I liked it purely by engaging in psych subjects at uni and volunteering.

Hope this helps a little!


Re: STEM careers?

Hey @DruidChild , 


This is a bit of a random thought, but do you think you'd enjoy doing work as a nurse in clinical trials? I know a few people who've done that and find it really satisfying - otherwise I think @Tay100 's idea about looking into foundational courses is a great one. Depending on when you left uni, your uni careers counsellors may also be able to give you some advice, I know that some unis provide service to graduates 1-2 years after you graduate. 


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