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Lately I have been feeling unmotivated and sad. I usually excite myself the night before by saying all of the things that I will get done the next day. But, the next day comes and I don't do it. I try to talk to myself about why I am not moving or lack of,but I feel as though that part of slowly giving up. A reason may be because school is starting again. My friends will be to busy for me, my sister left to college and I am alone again. Just me fighting through college and no work at the moment to numb the pain. I don't get how people are happy. But, I do know their is such a thing... I just need help finding it.

Re: Sad

Hi @Tori7890, and welcome to the forums!

Staying motivated really does seem like the eternal struggle sometimes, honestly I feel a bit relieved seeing someone else post about it being hard. Your strategy of hyping yourself up for the next day sounds like a great one, even if it's not working at the moment. Nothing's foolproof I guess. It seems like you've got a few changes going on at the moment that might be making it hard to keep pushing forward. Have you had much of a chance to talk with someone about how you're feeling about it all?

Re: Sad

Hey @squiggly ,

I got the chance to talk to a counselor about my feelings the other day. She mentioned reaching out to a friend or family member. But, I usually go against this because I feel like I am interrupting their busy lives with my problems. I don't want to feel as though I am a burden and be an addition to their to-do list. It's hard cause I know that if I told my friends, they won't know what to say or do. And I can't blame them, it's not like we learn this in school or anything.

Re: Sad

It must be tough having those feelings. I've heard quite a few people say they feel like they'd be a burden if they reach out about something that's bothering them, I think it's quite common. But people don't tend to think of their friends as burdensome, that's not what friends are for Smiley Happy A friend is someone who cares about you, who wants to know how you are and to support you through your rough patches. I'd hazard a guess that's how you feel towards your friends, right? It might well turn out your friends knowing what to say isn't even necessary for a conversation to be helpful, it could be enough for them to just say they're there for you. Everyone needs to lean on the people around them from time to time, it's okay to take some space.

Re: Sad

Hi Tori !




The search for happiness is a very strange thing since no one else can give you the answer, but we can sure help Smiley Happy You can start with hobbies, new shows, start exercising or taking care of your body more, or just find new communities (there are tons online and during COVID its a good time to start). I feel like you can try to change things up a bit to give yourself new motivation.


With your current friends, I'm sure that they won't completely disappear but it's understandable to feel lonelier when people get busy.


But one of the most important things I have learned is that you need to learn to love yourself first and be happy by yourself first before anything else. This is because people won't ever stick around forever as sad as that maybe - you are the only person that will always be around.


I hope things work out well friend. 

Re: Sad

Hey @Tori7890 


Sorry to hear you're feeling that way! I'm proud of you for trying so hard to push yourself and stay positive about things. Maybe it's time to move onto a new technique that might work out better for you as you adjust to your new situation. What other things have you tried that might make you feel better? 


It's ok to feel like that sometimes. I'm sure many of us do at some point. But yes like @squiggly said, rest assured, friends and family are those who care for you and will be happy to be there if you need it. You are not a burden Heart



Re: Sad

hey tori,

i wanna let you know, although it may hinder you in some way, that being sad is ok. We’re taught that from such a young age that sadness is a bad emotion and that whatever it is that is making you sad is bad. i wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we’re all on your side. You’ve taken a great step by talking to a counsellor, for some it may take many many years to get help.

thinking of you