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Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

Hi guys, 

I was just wondering if anyone is scared of turbulence on airplanes?


I used to be...quite a lot. 

I have flown a lot in my lifetime and I was pretty much fine. Then once there was a sizeable unexpected drop and ever since then I got anxiety about turbulence. 

I just wanted this post to kind of share some things that helped to reduce my anxiety because I applied it to my most recent trip and I think that it has been working!  


1) Trust the pilot: they have years of experience and they are extensively trained. I watched an interview where the pilot was asked if he was ever scared of turbulence and he said it was never a worry for him. In 20+ years of flying severe turbulence only happened to him once. 


2) They receive reports which they analyse carefully: it shows where there will be problematic weather conditions and pilots are always super cautious to avoid these. They know what they are doing. 


3) It's annoying but it's not unsafe: planes are designed and built so carefully. From a pilot's perspective turbulence is normal. 


4) Air hostesses fly everyday. This makes me feel better about flying because some people do this everyday. 


5) You never drop straight down: It's easy to forget that an airplane is moving at an incredibly fast speed, so many anxious flyers think they might drop straight down but in truth it's just like if you are in a car and there is a small ditch in the road. 


So these are just some things I tell myself to make myself feel better. I really hope this helps Heart 

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

Ahh @missep! I hate flying in general (Me and heights: Nuhu) but this is really helpful! I think it might right it down and whenever I fly and can remind myself in my blind panic that it's (almost) completely safe! Thanks Heaps and Heaps!

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

@missep this is such a great thread ! i honestly hate flying Smiley Sad in january i started crying even before we took off because my anxiety was just taking over. thanks for the tips, they’re really useful !

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

Hi @annabethxchase ,
I'm so so so glad that this can help you, I actually spoke to a friend today and she actually revealed that she gets scared for turbulence too! It's actually so much more common than we think. We're not alone! And we can do it! I mean if people can do it everyday then we can try I guess!
Always here for you Heart

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

aw thank you @litgym !
I'm sorry to hear that happened Smiley Sad I really hope next time that you fly that you feel better.
I guess we can use each time we fly as an opportunity to reduce our distress or anxiety.
You're not alone! <3 Proud of you for flying when you have to Smiley Happy

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

I always thought I was a single pringle @missep! Now we have an army! Thanks heaps Heart

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

@missep What a great idea for a thread!! So many of us - myself included - have had anxiety on planes about turbulence.

Planes are such a common source of anxiety for people - and it's great to be able to share this anxiety and most importantly, share the strategies that can help us to overcome it! 



I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Scared of Turbulence on Airplanes?

Thank you @gina-RO !
It's so nice to know I'm not alone and if it's something I can try to actively fix then that makes me hopeful and happy Smiley Happy