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Re: Self-Love Songs

@N1ghtW1ng ahahha, it puts me in such a positive mood and makes me feel more motivated !

Re: Self-Love Songs

Definitely at the top of my Favourite songs list @litgym! I definitely recommend The Fold as well as they have some awesome songs that are also quite inspirational and have a good beat to them. My favourites being "Bring on the Pirates", "Full Digital" and "Rise of the Vermillion Warriors" (the latter I'm listening to right now Smiley Very Happy)

Re: Self-Love Songs

I found more songs to add to my playlist Smiley Happy


True colours - Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake version from 'Trolls' movie

Until we get there - Lucius (heard this song from the trailer for the movie 'Laggies')

Those days - Lucy Schwartz

Life in letters - Lucy Schwartz

Beautiful - Lucy Schwartz

Satellite call - Sara Bareilles

Beautiful girl - Sara Bareilles

Sparkle and shine - Kat Edmonson

All the way - Kat Edmonson

Be strong - Delta Goodrem

Re: Self-Love Songs

I really like Jason Mraz’s Have it All for self love.


It kind of makes me feel like its a friend singing it to me

Re: Self-Love Songs

1800-273-8255 by Khalid & Alessia Cara this song starts kind of down but then about half away it starts getting positive and this song has saved my life honestly.

Lush Life by Zara Larsson

Re: Self-Love Songs

@cupcakes_032 Be Strong - Delta Goodrem is in my playlist! Smiley Very Happy

@seafaringstar I reallly like that song! I listened to it earlier this afternoon and it was stuck in my head and just so awesome! Smiley Happy I get the feeling of a friend singing it to you Smiley Very Happy


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Self-Love Songs

Bright - Kehlani


Just found this song about body image and it's great Smiley Happy

Re: Self-Love Songs

One of my favourites that I have really gotten into lately is "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman!!




I find it really uplifting if I'm having self doubt or struggling with self confidence.

Re: Self-Love Songs

Love that whole soundtrack @mrmusic Smiley Happy

Re: Self-Love Songs

kesha version of this is me is my fav Smiley Wink @mrmusic @annabethxchase but it is a very uplifting song Smiley HappyHeart