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Self care during COVID-19 restrictions in VIC

Hey guys, I'm new here. How are other fellow victorians studying coping during these tough restrictions? 


I'm currently studying my undergraduate degree in Health science majoring in Forensic Science and Psychology, and doing 4 units all online this semester has proven to be challenging! I struggle a lot with mind wandering and procrastination due to my generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). Though, I've honestly never felt more organised in my own stressed out way? There are some super simple changes I have made this year that I didn't realise made all the difference for my motivation for the rest of the day 


  • Eating breakfast (even if its a slice of toast or porridge) low blood sugar can trigger anxiety! 
  • Shower with some feel good tunes (I've been using an oldie playlist recently - with lots of Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, and Billy Idol) 
  • Make your bed and clear your study space (cluttered spaces can be visionally distracting)
  • Take regular breaks (30 mins, 1 hour)
  • Set time aside for exercise (walk the dog, yoga, jog) - It's a healthy distraction if you feel like you can't focus, burning that energy can help you calm down and let your brain rest for a moment. I call it sweatin' out the anxiety. 



Re: Self care during COVID-19 restrictions in VIC

This is so important chillspace!

I think all your self-care activities sound really good. The organisation is so helpful for proving stability in mental health (for me anyway!)

I also find making time for shows/ games in amongst the exercise gives me a good balance!

Re: Self care during COVID-19 restrictions in VIC

@chillspace  thanks for posting this, also love your idea @Abderian ! Hope you are both doing okay.


I think ringing friends and trying to 'catch up' as much as you can is helpful too. Play games with them, set challenges, and watch shows with them!



Re: Self care during COVID-19 restrictions in VIC

Hi @chillspace

Sounds like you have some really great and productive coping strategies! I know personally I found online study to be really beneficial although I did miss going into uni each day and seeing my friends.

I also helped organise to do a weekly trivia with my friends each week - we've got a pretty big group so trying to coordinate all of us always proves challenging but having a set time each week forces everyone to get together and its been so nice to have that time to see them virtually once a week.

Keep your heads up everyone, hopefully we will have some freedom soon

Re: Self care during COVID-19 restrictions in VIC

I’ve been doing pilates most mornings which helps! But definitely agree it can be tough to keep going and keep motivated atm