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Self care ideas

Hey everyone, 


I realise I do need to make time to meet people in person. 


I have get anxious when I go out in person . 

I have fear of people probing me for cash and when I tell them I'm an international I'm so afraid that they think I'm rich.


I live with mum and dad and I make it a point to keep  record of what spend when I'm out. I feel guilty when I spend money on piss from the bottle O.


It's way cheaper to shout drinks that way than say buy a round at the pub.


I spend money on piss due to social obligations in australia and this indicates a chill environment rather than an overly intellectual international.


Right now Pubs and races courses and festivals are a good place to feel social. But being alone I don't want to get murdered, drugged, or mugged at knife point. 


I don't want to be taken advantage off but want to be a good mate. With piss there are ubers and other shit to cover so someone doesn't die. I was bad at reciprocating this in a relationship I was in.


Help me to be fun but an okay mate 


Bunny walks


Re: Self care ideas

Heya @BunnyWalks 


This thread over here is a great place for self-care and distraction ideas (It's the 1000001 Coping Strategies and Distractions thread) 

They might have some on-the-go ideas you can use to help you when you're in a social situation. What do you think?