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Re: Self care ideas!

@spacejam sounds good!
Another self-care idea that I'm doing now, is coming on the forums.

Re: Self care ideas!

I like to paint my nails and also do cross stitch Smiley Happy

Re: Self care ideas!

That's great @Geebs!

Re: Self care ideas!

Some of the things I like to do for self-care:

- Watch an episode of brooklyn nine-nine or a documentary on Netflix Smiley Tongue

- Go for a walk

- Take a bath 

- Read some quotes

- Catch up with my closest friends or even just a phone call to chat! 




Re: Self care ideas!

One of the most useful ideas I've found was more in the box than outside it.

Basically a it's a collection of small, useful items kept in a box or bag, called a self care kit.

It's especially useful if you need to distract yourself for a short time.

You can put in a journal, recipe ideas, mints, coloring in/ art materials, music on a USB, DVDs lotions, chocolate, quotes and books, or anything else you want. In mine I have a few things including a list of things I can do when I need, I just look down the list until I find something I feel like doing.

While it isn't exactly a self care idea on its own, it's a good way to collect everything together so that you can get to it easily when you need.

Re: Self care ideas!

Great Idea @Tiny_leaf. I'll try that one.
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