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Re: Self compassion

I am in so much pain all the time and it sucks. But I'm still going to screw the pain.

Oh and also the heat is making me lethargic and tired/angry again. At least I know why I'm feeling this way so I can either ignore it or push through it or give myself a break if I need it. (I wish I didn't live in such a hot, humid place though. Then this wouldn't be such a big deal Smiley Sad It's already so hot)

Re: Self compassion

Hi @N1ghtW1ng

I'm sorry I didn't see this post until now! Humidity when you are in pain is super uncomfortable. Recognising that it is okay to take a break is really great. How have you been this week?

Sending hugs and hoping that you have felt less pain this week!

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Re: Self compassion

I am an anxious wreck, but I'm still doing things and trying so screw you anxiety. I won't stop.