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Self-confidence and exams

Hello Everyone Smiley Happy


first of all i am in a pretty good place at the moment but we currently have year12 exams. im not too stressed but i was just reading an article about self-confidence from reachout and it got me thinking. i have always had pretty low confidence which has gotten the worst of me at times. im just wondering... the article said to look at what you have already achieved. I have achieved some great results this year and am on target to get into the uni course of my desire. However that doesnt stop me fron thinking that i might fail a subject. I tend to do worse in exams than at school... so whats to say i fail my exams. English is most what im worried about- its my hardest by far and i often fail the exams... Can someone give me a bit of advice and explain this self-confidence thingy hahah thanks!


Re: Self-confidence and exams



I definetly felt the same way when I was in year twelve, exam time is scary & for someone who suffers from anxiety (me) there was a lot of tears and stress.

If you already know what your strengths are and what you need to focus on, then you are one step ahead to getting great results. Maybe make yourself a light revision sheet for the subject you are confident with so you have a little extra time to focus on English.

In the end, exams are not the end of the world - there are so many amazing course opportunities out there. In year twelve I saw a career councillor through the school, she really helped me out - this could be another option for you!


Good luck with it all, and I am sure you will do incredible!

Re: Self-confidence and exams

Hi @012EmC,

Great work on your achievements this year AND being on target for your chosen course. High five!

@dacey has raised some good points and study tips. Are you also able to speak to your English teacher about your concerns? Maybe they could provide some tips or direct you towards some practice exams from previous years.

It's cool that you've already looked into taking steps to develop your self-confidence, sadly it can take time, but I was wondering if you also saw this story?

Being on track for your preferred course as you are, puts you ahead of many people in your situation already. You got this. You've already set some goals, now to talk yourself up and start believing in yourself *cue Disney song* Smiley Happy

Re: Self-confidence and exams

Hey @012EmC

Self-confidence is basically believing in yourself. It's both easy and difficult. Easy, because it's not always hard to say "I can do that" or "I'm great" or things like that but it's difficult to follow through and to believe them.

It's perfectly normal to worry that you might fail a subject, even if your results are great. To ease the worry, talking to your teachers about the exams and getting tips and advice from them might help!
Another thing to remember is that even if, and it's a big IF, you don't get the right marks for the course you want, that's not the end. You can do a slightly different, easier (or lower required grade) course and then transfer into the course you want.

End of year exams can be stressful, but it's great that you're looking into self-confidence and ways to combat worry.

You've got this!

Re: Self-confidence and exams

Hi there Smiley Happy


First of all congrats on all you have achieved this year. Grade 12 is an intimidating year. I too found myself doubting my abilitites, even in subjects I had always done well in. You just need to remind yourself as long as you have tried your best you should be happy with what you achieve. These days there are so many different pathways to get into courses after high school, some may take a little longer than others, but they all get you to where you want to be. 


Self-Confidence is about beleiving in yourself and your choices. When I was in grade 12 I found self-confidence was somehting a large majority of my classmates dealt with, including myself. It's not something that you develop over night but with one step at a time. One of the first things I tried that I found useful was speaking slower. By speaking at a slower pace and not a rushed one it not only projects to who you are speaking to that you're confident and know what you are talking about in return makes you feel more confident.


One other thing I could reccomend would be the internet favourite Google. If you find yourself unaware of a topic in conversation or even hear a word you're unsure of Google it. By Googling it you are able to get a direct defintion of what something may be, then as a result next time you hear that topic or word again you will feel more confident as you will know what it is and may even be able to explain to someone else what it may be. 


I hope you find this helpful and good luck with your end of year exams! Smiley Happy