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Is it completely wrong to doubt myself and to waver about my self-esteem just because I lost a few friendships and contact with a guy i really liked?

Re: Self-doubt

Hi @akosihan Welcome to ReachOut.

Sorry to hear that you lost some friendships including the nice guy. It's not easy to deal with. It is completely understandable to experience self doubt afterwards. Nothing is wrong. Just try to remember that you're amazing and these experiences don't define you. You will build stronger friendships in your life and these experiences will only make you more resilient when things seem like they aren't working out.

Why not try reconnecting with the fellow that you lost contact with? Old friends usually love to hear from us. He might even feel sad that he's lost contact with you.

Re: Self-doubt

@akosihan what you are feeling is completely normal! I don't know anyone who hasn't felt hurt or doubted them selves when feeling rejected by people they care about. @Ladybug  is right, we need to remind ourselves of our worth but during this time it can be super hard to do. 

I would suggest connecting with some friends or family that you enjoy spending time with, it will really help lift your spirits being around being who do value and love you! You are worth so much more than what you think and sometimes we need to be reminded of that, give it time and I hope you will start to see this. 



Re: Self-doubt

@akosihan just checking in to see how you've been going the last few days. Hope to hear from you soon. 


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Re: Self-doubt

Hey @akosihan self-doubt can be a tough thing to deal with and I know I can definitely relate to the feeling.

How are you doing with it lately? Smiley Happy

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