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Sensory Kits

Hi guys,


I was describing my experience of making a sensory kit with @DruidChild and @Bee, and I thought I'd love to hear about what other people have done with theirs, or maybe if people hadn't made one before, they would like this idea. So, if you have made one, what did you put in it? Did you find that the process of making a sensory kit was helpful to you? Would you recommend this to others? Maybe we could share photos as well! 


If you haven't made one before and you would like to hear more about it, then please keep reading. Smiley Very Happy



In dialectical behavioural therapy, people are encouraged to make a 'sensory box/kit.' The idea is that when we feel bad or even when we're bored, we can stimulate our senses to 'self soothe' (kind of similar to mindfulness). So you make a box with things (or ideas of things) to stimulate your senses in ways that you like. Keep in mind, you may be more of a visual person, and so your box might have mainly visual things in it, and that's perfectly fine! It's YOUR kit.


This is what I had in mine:


Activity cards

These are cards with options of activities I could do. When I was bored, or was just ruminating, I would pick one and I'd have to do it. These included:


- Have a bubble bath or a shower (touch)

- Light a scented candle or incense (smell)

- Go for a walk (visual)

- Listen to music (auditory) - include personalised suggestions

- Meditate (auditory and/or visual)

- Call a friend 

- Watch a funny movie (visual) - include personalised suggestions



These are objects that you find pleasing in some way. For me, it included:


- Marbles of my favourite colour - visual

- Gemstones

- Stress balls

- CDs

- DVDs


Personally, I found that the process of making the box, thinking hard about it, and writing suggestions on the activity cards was enough. I didn't really go back to the box more than a few times. That being said, I didn't have many objects in mine, and maybe you guys will find that you have quite a few and so you enjoy going back to it.



For more suggestions/info:

Re: Sensory Kits

Cool thread @JanaG Smiley Happy I don't think I've ever heard of a sensory kit before, but I have heard of things similar to what you're describing. I've never made one before though.

Re: Sensory Kits

Thanks @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sensory Kits

@JanaG I really really love this idea! I just realised I made something kinda similar a while back and I use it a lot! Doesn't have activity cards though so maybe I'll add some today Smiley Happy 


Basically I have two ziplock bags, and one's my green-and-blue bag and one's my orange-and-purple bag and I keep them in my backpack for using when I'm out.


In one I've got my headphones (for silence or music); peppermint and chamomile teabags; sanitary pads; tissues; and a cool lime green headspace bracelet that's really nice to fiddle with.


In the other one I have more tissues (I cry way too much!); a lil weighted lavender sachet thing; ginger and lemon teabags; a pretty Amethyst stone; a card with 24 hour helpline numbers; and hand sanitizer which is SENSORY HEAVEN. 


Off to make some activity cards now Smiley Happy 

Re: Sensory Kits

@stonepixie! check this thread out!

Re: Sensory Kits

@DruidChild that sounds great! I've never thought of using teabags before for smell! I'd love to hear what you put on your cards.

Re: Sensory Kits

@JanaG I've never heard of sensory kits before, but it sounds really intersting and a really great idea - thanks for sharing! I can definitely also think of ways this could be used with kids to help them learn to self-soothe or relax Smiley Happy

Re: Sensory Kits

No worries @Nessa17, glad you think it's a good idea. :-) 

Defnitely useful for kids. In fact, I believe that's where the theory behind it comes from, based on what I've read. Very perceptive of you!

Re: Sensory Kits

Thank you for posting about this! 
I have to admit that even though I'm a psych student I've never heard of this! I'm so happy that I know about it now. I'm going to try it sometime Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sensory Kits

@missepI don't think it's abnormal that you haven't heard of it. :-) I'm also a psych student, and came across this in my own research that had nothing to do with university.