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Setting Goals for the New Year!

Hi all – I hope that your Christmas/New Year period has been great! If not, I hope that I can do my bit today to make you feel a little bit better 😊


With the end of 2018 dawning on us, it’s important to reflect, yet also look forward. I know how daunting those three words are that seem to ring in our ears at about this time of year – New Year’s Resolutions. It can be quite challenging to make a huge commitment to something. I know from experience that I’ve made a “resolution” which ended up causing me great anxiety and effectively had a negative impact on my life.


In light of that, I decided that it was important to deconstruct the pressuring theme of New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of setting resolutions such as “reduce stress” (stay with me!!) or “go on a diet”, you should focus on setting SMART goals.



Ask yourself questions such as:

  • what exactly am I aiming to accomplish? (define the goal in no uncertain terms)
  • why do I want to accomplish this goal?


Ask yourself questions such as:

  • how will I know that I have succeeded?
  • how much change must occur in my life?
  • how will I track my progress?


Ask yourself questions such as:

  • is this goal reasonable enough to accomplish?
  • do I have the right resources to work towards this goal?

Realistic & Relevant

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • is this goal worth the resources I’m putting into it?
  • can I confidently say that I can commit to this goal?
  • will I be able to motivate myself if I fall off course?


Ask yourself questions such as:

  • how much time do I want to allocate completing this goal?
  • when will I start working towards this goal?
  • have I included flexibility time?


For example, if you wanted to work to lose weight in the year, your SMART goal should not be to lose weight, but to exercise regularly throughout the week and eat well. It’s all really about breaking down your “resolution” into smaller goals, they become less daunting, and far more achievable. 


With that said, if you’re comfortable to, share some of your goals below to motivate others! 


Some of my goals for 2019 are:

  • practice guided meditation at least 5 mornings a week, for about 10 minutes
  • exercise 4 times a week for at least 40 minutes each session
  • help to make dinner once or twice a week
  • study for at least 2 hours a night, from Monday to Thursday.


I highly suggest that you give this a go, it really helps you put things into perspective if you’re feeling overwhelmed about next year. You should keep in mind that the goals that you set are for you. Don’t feel pressured to force yourself into something if you know you aren’t ready for it 😊


I hope I’ve been able to motivate you, or at least help you to see New Year’s Resolutions in a new light – set those SMART goals, don’t become overwhelmed and work towards things that work for you!


*I'm not sure if someone has done this recently and I've missed it, so I apologise if this is a double-post in some way. I used to go through this goal setting process with my psychologist and it really helped!!*




Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

@unwindOh I LOVE this! With the new year coming up a lot of people will be thinking about New Year's Resolutions, and so this is a very timely thread Smiley Very Happy I may just pin it to the homepage of the forums so more people see it Smiley Wink


I'll come back and post my goals shortly, but for now I just wanted to say awesome work Smiley Happy

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Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

Oh no finishing commitments. Eeekk

Well selfcare is big for me right now.
Communicating effectively .
Keeping to a goal is my skeleton.

Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

My goal for the New Year would be to not plan too much and just take everything like a pinch of salt Smiley Happy I feel that whenever I plan too much ahead of me, there is something or the other that happens exactly opposite to my expectations. Hence, I will take things as they come and not over stress myself with situations that are not in my control. 


Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

Good old SMART goals Smiley Tongue Excellent thread idea @unwind!

I am loving the goals @BunnyWalks and @DIVYA! Thank you for sharing!!

Mine are pretty simple, I regularly want to wash my face and go for a walk and draw something. And for the new year, I want to see someone (professional help) regularly.

Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

Okey-dokey! Imma give this a go Smiley Happy

BTW @unwind - thanks for going to the effort to make this thread the information on here is super useful Smiley Happy You're awesome Smiley Very Happy


So, I usually do a 'challenge myself' goal, a 'school' goal, a 'sport goal' and a 'self-improvement' goal. I don't like overwhelming myself with a ton of goals because then I kinda freak out and am in denial, ultimately never completing my goals.


1. So this goal has been a reoccurring one throughout the last 3-4 years. And it is to Stop biting my nails. Every year I have failed. Dramatically. I don't even last a day. I ant to do this because I'm probably picking up massive amounts of germs and my nails are really short and often hurt.

BUTT, this year LAST YEAR (I gotta get used to sayin' that) I got braces. In May I got my tops and in early December I got my bottoms. After getting my top ones, I couldn't bite on them for ages but then, alas, I found a way!

NOW however, I still can't bite them almost a month later and I have NO urges to bite them (Brilliant, I know. *Bows to your applause*) I'd take a photo but they're really ugly and dirty (Ew Smiley Frustrated ) So, I reckon I might just be able to accomplish this goal this year Smiley Happy I'll keep ya'll updated. I want a manicure.


2. This is a tricky one. Whilst school is 'in session' my room goes INSANELY messy. It isn't a good working environment and I'm kinda embarrassed about it - I often end up working in the lounge room, dining room or on my bed because my desk is a literal pigsty (No wonder I lost that assignment last term!). So my goal is to keep my study environment organised and not letting the mess get out of hand during exam times.

I hate to say it, but I don't have much faith in myself to complete this goal but either way, imma give it a red hot crack (Why do I sound like a 50yr old man? Red hot crack?).

I'll try and accomplish this by 'setting myself up for success' I'll maintain a good work environment by making sure my books are organised, my desk is clean etc. That way, once exam period rolls around everything will be in order and I can study at a desk, not on a bed. Some of you might be thinking 'a bed actually sounds better than a desk but apparently you actually take more in when sitting up straight at a desk and believe me I need all the fucking help I can get!' Smiley LOL


3. This is my sport related one. For netball this year, I want to make the 2's team for the Representative side, hence competing at state championships. This has been a reoccurring goal for the past 3 years and with hard work, effort and determination I've managed to accomplish it Smiley Very Happy I know I can do it, but my anxiety just goes through the roof and well, I play kinda bad Smiley Sad This one's pretty short and simple Smiley Happy


4. Last but not least, throughout 2019 I want to be able to connect with my psychologist a lot more, get linked up with a psychiatrist to discuss my declining mental health and depression and from then on, hopefully start the period of recovery. I know this is much easier said then done and my 'journey' is only beginning. I want to better myself as a person and not let my family, past trauma and mental illnesses define me. I am better than all that and I won't sink to my parents level. I want to focus on me, and make sure I am sufficiently self-cared Smiley Happy


In conclusion, (Since this has turned into an essay I may as well right a conclusion Smiley Wink ) I reckon 2019 will throw a whole lot of shit at me but I want to be more resilient overcome it, complete some goals and let my nails finally grow. Bring on the new year and yeah.. (What a way to end an essay 'and yeah...' classic..)


If you read this spew of tragic nothingness then good on ya and um, what are you doing with your life?! 


I'd love to here from some more people so I'll tag some other members (Hope you don't mind) - feel free to share your resolutions for the new year if you are comfortable Smiley Happy

@litgym @Bee @Esperanza67 @scared01 @redhead @DruidChild


Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

hehe i always just “study” on my bed not that i actually do study hahah @annabethxchase love your resolutions 💛 @annabethxchase


i actually don’t really have any resolutions...


1. be honest about my mental health state and get the RIGHT support

2. force my psychs and gp to change my meds !!

3. uh i would like to start to recover but looking how im going i think i need to work out a few things Smiley Wink


Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

thansk for starting this thread @unwind with all the tips and information, its something to think about!
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

My goals for the new year are

  1. Be more positive about life, turn negatives into positives.
  2. Become more confident in social situations, be able to have a conversation with people.
  3. Exercise atleast 3 times a week, create a routine.

Re: Setting Goals for the New Year!

@annabethxchase your sense of humour in your response made me chuckle throughout reading your post! Smiley Very Happy 


There are a few goals around recovery for this year which is awesome to see. With that I wanted to link in the Recovery; Our Journey to Wellbeing thread where we can talk all things recovery related!



So for me I also have a bit of a focus around mental health and I guess a big one is continuing on the path I am - seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist regularly. I also have 2 specific goals which I want to achieve this year.


1. Journal more frequently

I found a really cool idea on Pinterest the other day, and I’ve actually started it! Basically, it uses a weekly planner, and you jot down things from the day. So for me, I’m going to use it to track how I’m taking care of me, in order to track my mental health progress. So I’ve started by jotting down if I’ve taken my medication on time, if I’ve showered, brushed my hair & teeth, etc. And then if I need more space I can start journaling in my blue book from last year. I have decided to continue in the same book as I didn’t use it much last year Smiley Happy

I figure that this will give me a good indication of how I am actually doing at taking care of me, and I can adapt and add in little goals to focus on once I get into the habit of tracking it all. I started it last night and it was nice to be able to reflect and say hey I did actually achieve things today, even if it was looking after my body by being clean Smiley Happy


2. Exercise frequently

I’m going to start by aiming to attend the pool once a week to start then increase number of days/hours as I get into the habit/more comfortable in the environment. I do have a hydro-therapy exercise plan but I feel it’s a bit too advanced right now, so I’m going to back it off a little and do the simpler ones and might add in a bit of swimming pending on how I feel. I used to do that 3 times a week after my initial injury, so I am going to start with once a week and slowly build up my strength and stamina. I would love to get back into yoga but I know my foot is a long way off being able to do much of it, so I am going to start with my hydrotherapy and really just listen to my body and work on it Smiley Happy

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