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Re: Share Your Injustice With R.O

I had to declare my mental health history as a part of a job application and was told it wouldn't be an issue as long as I could show a track record of recovery, which I did, then shortly after my application was denied.


When I asked for feedback on why it was denied they told me they were too busy to provide feedback. So... basically I was just discriminated against and they wouldn't legally admit it.


But hey! Sometimes the best thing to do about an injustice is to just talk it out, let it go & move on. You can't always change the world but you can change YOUR actions Smiley Happy 





Re: Share Your Injustice With R.O

@blithe thank you so much for you comments, really appreciated. It's been hard and still today find alot of these issues causing me heartache, I try to get about them but its always easier said than done, I am not allowed to talk or mention any of these issues at home, as its preferred everything be swept under the carpet