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Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!


@Nessa17 I would love to become an educational psychologist! Have your placements been at schools? What kinds of things have you done on placement? I am studying social work and psychology and am on placement at a school but feeling a bit lost as there isn't a social worker at the school and I am kinda left to my own devices most of the time.


What's the best thing about this career/course?

Psychology is so facinating and you can apply it to everyday life. Studying social work has really broadened my understanding of the social structures that affect our day to day lives and contribute to oppression/privilege.


What's the hardest thing about this career/course?

I worry that I am too sensitive to be a social worker or that I won't be able to help people.


What do you wish you had known before you started this career/course?

Every experience you have in life contributes to your knowledge bank and the skills you have - completing a course at university doesn't mean that you will just become a person who is highly capable, confident and knows "everything". Working on yourself and your skills is a lifelong process and you should take each opporunity you can get and view it as a chance to learn something knew or interact with new people.


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Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

Wow some amazing answers thus far! Smiley Happy


I've just started studying (AGAIN!) online and am doing a Diploma in Child, Youth & Family Intervention. Which could lead me in a variety of directions, I could go into youth work, child protection etc. As I've only just started I really don't know how to answer these questions for the career.


But I'll answer them on my current job as night fill for a supermarket.


  1. What's the best thing about this career/course?
    I get to work at my own pace and have awesome conversations with colleagues along the way. There's also music playing every shift which sometimes is fun to dance to as I fill the shelves Smiley Tongue

  2. What's the hardest thing about this career/course?
    Because it's a physical job it actually really hurts my feet, especially my right. I suffered a severe injury this time last year and the long term effect is chronic pain, nerve pain and not being able to stand for long periods of time. SO I often use my block to sit and fill Smiley Happy 

  3. What do you wish you had known before you started this career/course?
    I wish I'd known how supportive my colleagues would have been with my return to work, maybe that would have enabled me to return earlier and perhaps have more hours? I don't know.


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Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

@May_ It's great to hear that you're doing social work and psychology! I've met with a number of social workers through placements and they are all really lovely and inspring people, and the work they do is so valuable and important to the school. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling a bit lost though, do you think it would be helpful if there perhaps was anyone else you could talk to at the school (like a wellbeing coordinator) that would be able to support you there?


Yes, I'm on my first placement at the moment, and I go around with my supervisor to three schools, two primary and one P-12. There's a lot of different work to be done at each school! Most days it's a combination of doing assessments, seeing some kids for counselling, meeting with other staff members and teachers, and report writing - a looooot of report writing - but every day there's always something unexpected that goes on and you have to adjust and adapt to whatever happens at the school! I hope that kind of gives you a (very) brief rundown on what my days at placement are like Smiley Happy Also, I'm very lucky to have an amazing supervisor, so I learn heaps from her each day even just by watching and observing what she's doing. 

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

That's good to hear! Smiley Very Happy Yes well I was supposed to be working with the wellbeing coordinator but unfortunately she's too busy to let me shadow her or work with me and my supervisor is off-site so I barely get to see him. So it has been very challenging. That sounds like a really good experience - having a good supervisor seems key to making a good placement from what I've heard. I would love to do counselling but unfortunately am not allowed to do it because I'm not yet qualified. What kind of report writing do you do? Like reflections of counselling sessions? Thanks for sharing it's so good to hear about what other people are doing @Nessa17 Smiley Happy

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

@Ben-RO I am really interested in the process you went through in gaining employment at RO - did you start off as a Builder? What kinds of qualifications do you need? And where do they advertise job vacancies? Really cool to hear about your experiences - it sounds like such a rewarding (dream) job!! Smiley Very Happy Also I am totally with you in feeling impatient/frustrated waiting for positive change in the mental health/health/community sectors....we will get there one day Smiley Happy

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

My turn! Smiley Very Happy I'm studying a Bachelor in Primary Education. It's the only course I've ever done and I've started it this year. Smiley Happy

What's the best thing about this career/course?
I dunno, the assignments have been relatively easy I guess. This first year has been a bit boring, to be honest.
What's the hardest thing about this career/course?
It is just so boring Smiley Tongue I'm finding it incredibly difficult to actually focus on the coursework. It's all introductory units first semester and now ethical and societal units that are kind of dull. Next year is when the teaching really starts. Smiley Happy
What do you wish you had known before you started this career/course?
I'm not sure, I wish I had known someone in the same course as me so that I would be able to have someone I already know to talk to.

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

That's just the course though, my career is a cashier and it's very boring. Smiley Tongue But when I get my license... I'll finally be able to get a job I want!

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

@May_ That does sound very challenging for you - I hope that you do find some support though, especially because working each day in these areas can be very difficult!


At the moment I've only been observing counselling sessions because I feel like my counselling skills need a bit of work so I'm not ready to run my own at the moment ^^;; But I am really interested in counselling too!


Every time we assess a child we have to write up a report for the school and the parents about what we did and what recommendations we have based on what we found. There's also reports to write for other professionals and applications to other agencies, so there's never an end to the report writing! At the end of each day I also spend time writing in a journal about my reflections on the day - like what went well, what I enjoyed, and what I found challenging. It's not compulsory or anything, but I personally find that it's a really good practice to reflect each day on what happened and writing is also a personal self-care technique of mine because I can get everything off my chest!

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!


@Nessa17 yeah I guess it is a lesson in itself - learning how to cope without support because I'm sure it will happen at some point throughout our careers unfortunately. That sounds like a really cool placement! I've been keeping a daily journal too which I find really helpful. You're so right...getting everything off your chest and down on paper can feel very therapeutic Smiley Happy

Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

Actually.... One of the best things about my job is getting to use the excavator!!
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