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Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

Hi @Nessa17!
Great idea for a post! 
I'm studying postgraduate psychology as well! 


1.What's the best thing about this career/course?

The best thing about this course is the variety of information you learn i.e. forensic, developmental, social psychology. It has really helped me learn more about myself and others. 


2. What's the hardest thing about this career/course?

The Work/Life/Uni balance. It can get a little bit overwhelming at times but with an effective and efficient study timetable then I'm able to keep up with tasks. 


3. What do you wish you had known before you started this career/course?

To think about your thesis topic early! I had to think of mine last minute which was very rushed Smiley Tongue


Re: Sharing careers / courses experience with others!

@missep Awesome, another fellow postgrad psych! ^^ 

I definitely agree about the thesis topic part! It can be especially hard if you have no idea in the beginning what you even want to do it on, but I was lucky and had a very supportive and guiding supervisor who help me get through it - somehow!