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Re: Should I quit my job??

also why are you so financially tight ??

Re: Should I quit my job??

I am 25 lol


Last November i lost my job & had no work for 5 weeks had to use all my savings to get by, rent bills etc & i took this job i have now because i was desperate.

Due to living expenses rent etc I barely save any money each week, also i dont go out or buy anything other then necessities.

I have 3 credit cards, a car loan & i tried to get another loan to combine everything but they only lent me $5000 which, with a balance transfer reduced my car loan & credit cards.But still leaves me without money to fall back on.

Also why I am so worried about having no job.


But the more I hear advice & research, i dont feel so stressed about my options.

This site really has helped me a lot.

Maybe it was because i helped others with advice.



Re: Should I quit my job??

what goes around comes around I guess