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Should I quit my job??

Hello Everyone,


I was hoping to get some valued opinions from anyone who can help me decide the best option.


I have a full time job as a receptionist, started in Dec 2012 as a temp.

In March 2013 I told my boss i was leaving to go to another job (as i was not busy enough) then I was offered more work & responsiblity if I stayed on at the reception job.

I took the offer however for the last 2 months I have been very unhappy working there as the work has not increased (and never will increase as there is nothing more they can give me unless i move into sales but i have no interest in the products) & I feel like my skills are not being put to use.


My company shuts down over christmas for 2 weeks & I am not sure if i look for a new job now or after christmas.

I do not want to do the wrong thing by my company but i can not work in a job i do not enjoy.


Also if i decide to job look right now, what reasons/excuses do i give my boss to take annual leave early on afternoons I have interviews?


Your help is so appreciated. Smiley Happy



Re: Should I quit my job??

Hey aurora,


This situation is really frustrating I know. I spent a year staying on in a reception position because the company had promised the same thing, but in the end had to leave after they said it would take another six months.

I'm not sure about leaving for interviews on work time. I got pretty lucky and they said as long as I worked up the time I could leave early. So maybe your work would let you do the same? 

If you're unhappy with you work maybe it is a good idea to find new employment. You spend 38 hours a week there, its no fun if it's 38 hours of being unhappy Smiley Happy


Re: Should I quit my job??


Re: Should I quit my job??

Its all about your happiness, if you want another job then search and find something you like before you make a descision but it all in the end only comes down to YOU. I recommend if you do leave make sure you part on good terms so the job will be available to you if you dont like what you moved to.

Re: Should I quit my job??



Thank you. Being unhappy for 38 hours a week, thats a good point Smiley Happy


Maybe I can suggest that I can start early or use annual leave when I do speak to the bosses.

Re: Should I quit my job??



Thank you.

Finding another job first would be a good idea before quitting of course Smiley Happy


Being happy at work is a massive motivating factor for me as I can no longer work at a place i have lost enjoyment for.


I am sure I would like a new job, at least its something different.

Re: Should I quit my job??

So im quite sure I will look for another job asap.


However next Wednesday 6th November marks my minimum 6 month working period with this company.

Do i wait until then to speak with my boss or speak with her tomorrow?


I am worried they may want to fire me if i say I am quitting & if it is before this date I can not claim unfair dismissal.

I can't afford not to have a job, not even for a week.


Again your help is appreciated. Smiley Happy

Re: Should I quit my job??

They actually cant fire you for saying you want to quot, thats illegal and it really depends on the temprament of your boss, if shes reasonable go for it!

Re: Should I quit my job??


I just looked at my contract, if they fire me they have to give me 2 weeks notice or payment in leiu. I dont mind either option.

So worst case senario of being fired works in my favour well sort of.

I am visiting Centrelink Tuesday to see what options I have just in case i cant go straight to another job.


I feel better about the situation now. Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Should I quit my job??

Happy I could help, hah im 15 and already giving career advice !